Executive Office

Executive Office 

The Executive Office reports directly to the Deputy Minister and coordinates all departmental support to the Minister and Minister's office. The Executive Office is the Minister's staff's central contact point with departmental officials.  

The Executive Office is composed of the following: 

  1. Deputy Minister's Office 

  1. Corporate Secretariat 

Deputy Minister's Office 

Led by the Chief of Staff to the Deputy Minister, the Deputy Minister’s Office is the central point of contact for the department for all strategic issues, policy and program files of importance to the Deputy Minister and the Minister.   

Specific support provided to the Minister and their office include: 

  • Reviewing all external communication products; 

  • Coordinating briefings; 

  • Providing Departmental Liaison services; 

  • Coordinating questions from the Minister's office; 

  • Supporting the Minister's Question Period preparations; and 

  • Reviewing Access to Information and Privacy Act releases. 

Corporate Secretariat 

Led by the Corporate Secretary, the Corporate Secretariat provides a wide range of strategic, corporate and administrative support to the senior levels of the department.  

Specific support provided to the Minister and their office include: 

  • Providing administrative and operational services, such as human resources, financial and information technology support; 

  • Managing the control and flow of products seeking the Minister's decision or providing information; 

  • Providing departmental advice and support on Cabinet and Parliamentary activities; and 

  • Providing writing and editing services for the preparation of correspondence to the general public, Parliamentarians, other levels of government, and stakeholders.