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Corporate information

Organizational profile

Appropriate Minister: The Honourable Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport

Institutional head: Michael Keenan, Deputy Minister

Ministerial portfolio: Transport Canada

The Transport Portfolio includes:

Grouping these organizations into one portfolio allows for integrated decision making on transportation issues.

Enabling instrument: Department of Transport ActFootnote (R.S., 1985, c. T-18)

Transport Canada administers over 50 laws related to transportationFootnote and shares the administration of many others. Justice Canada is the federal department responsible for maintaining the Consolidated Statutes of CanadaFootnote and provides access to the full text of federal acts and regulations.

Year of incorporation / commencement: 1936

Supporting information on lower-level Programs

Supporting information on lower-level programs is available on Transport Canada's websiteFootnote and in the TBS InfoBaseFootnote .

Supplementary information tables

The supplementary information tables listed in the 2017-18 Departmental Plan can be found on Transport Canada's websiteFootnote . These include:

  • Details on transfer payment programs of $5 million or more;
  • Upcoming internal audits for the coming fiscal year;
  • Upcoming evaluations over the next fiscal year; and
  • Disclosure of transfer payment programs under $5 million.

Federal tax expenditures

The tax system can be used to achieve public policy objectives through the application of special measures such as low tax rates, exemptions, deductions, deferrals and credits. The Department of Finance Canada publishes cost estimates and projections for these measures each year in the Report of Federal Tax ExpendituresFootnote . This report also provides detailed background information on tax expenditures, including descriptions, objectives, historical information and references to related federal spending programs. The tax measures presented in this report are the responsibility of the Minister of Finance.

Organizational contact information

Transport Canada welcomes your comments on this report.

Phone: 613-990-2309
Toll Free: 1-866-995-9737
Teletypewriter (TTY): 1-888-675-6863
Fax: 613-954-4731

Mailing Address:
Transport Canada (ADI)
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