How to apply for an equivalency certificate (permit of equivalent level of safety)

Please note that the TDG Act was updated and currently uses the term "equivalency certificate" whereas Part 14 of the TDG Regulations still refers to the previous term "permit for equivalent level of safety". Both terms can be used interchangeably.

Section 14.1 of the TDG Regulations specifies the information that must be included in an application for a permit for equivalent level of safety (i.e. equivalency certificate). This information is summarized below and must be provided in the online application form.

Basic information

  • The applicant's name, which may be an individual, a company or an association
  • The applicant's business contact information
  • The contact information of the person who can be contacted regarding the application
  • If the applicant is a company or an association, any document showing its legal identity and listing all association member.
  • For equivalency certificate applications made for explosives subject to Explosives Packing Instruction EP 01 of the CAN/CGSB-43.151 standard, your application must include the Notice of Authorization issued by Natural Resources Canada’s Explosives Regulatory Division. The Notice of Authorization normally makes reference to packaging Instruction P101 of the UN Recommendations.

Detailed explanation of the proposed activity

  • The classification of the dangerous goods that are intended to be transported. Solutions and mixtures must also be described with respect to their composition
  • A description of the means of containment and the quantity of dangerous goods
  • The transportation mode(s): road vehicle, railway vehicle, aircraft and/or vessel
  • The requirements of the TDG Act, TDG Regulations, applicable standards and any other requirement that the applicant proposes not to comply with
  • The manner in which the activity will be carried out and how it will provide a level of safety at least equivalent to that provided by compliance with the TDG Act
  • Any drawings, plans, calculations, procedures, test results and any other information necessary to support the proposal

Please complete the Equivalency Certificate Application form (PDF, 1.24 MB) and upload it to your online application. Missing information will delay the application process.

How to apply:

Apply through our Approvals portal.


You can send your questions to or call 1-855-298-1520 (select option 2).


Applicants should consult the Engineering Services Division prior to submitting an application for an Equivalency Certificate seeking relief from the requirements of any safety standards related to gas containers such as cylinders, spheres, tubes, multiple element gas containers (MEGC) or aerosol cans. This consultation will be used to provide feedback to the applicant regarding the scope of the application and to confirm the information that will be needed to process the application. Incomplete applications will delay the review process.

To initiate a consultation with the Engineering Services Division, please send an email to and include a general description of the scope of the Equivalency Certificate that you are seeking.