City of Ottawa - I2V Connected Vehicle Pilot Project – City Fleet-Signalized Intersection Approach and Departure Optimization Application

The City of Ottawa EcoDrive II project investigated the potential environmental and fuel efficiency benefits of providing drivers with advanced signal information using Green-light Optimized Speed Advisory (GLOSA) technology. GLOSA uses traffic signal information and the current position of a vehicle to display a speed recommendation on mobile app. The recommended speed is the travel speed a driver should maintain to pass through an upcoming signalized intersection during the green phase. Reducing stops at red lights can help reduce fuel consumption and emissions and improve traffic efficiency.

The report presents the results and analysis of data collected during a two-month period across the city’s 1,200 traffic signal system. The detailed analysis conducted by Carleton University provides the evaluation of the project and potential benefit of GLOSA Infrastructure-to-Vehicle (I2V) technology when applied to connected vehicles in a city fleet application. The study also examined key factors that influenced fuel consumption, including:

  • acceptance of the technology and the willingness of the driver to adjust their driving habits;
  • existing traffic volume during data collection; and,
  • road classification of the testing route.

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