Vessel safety, spill prevention and response

Oil tanker safety statistics, oil spill prevention measures, risk assessment, response, liability, compensation, port protection.


Services and information

Marine safety 101

Learn how Canada’s marine safety system protects our coasts.

Preventing spills from vessels

Safe navigation, pilotage requirements, double hull requirements, tanker inspection, TERMPOL review, aerial surveillance.


Preparedness and response for ship-source oil spills

What happens if there is a spill from a vessel, risk assessment, research and recommendations.

Liability and compensation for ship-source oil spills

Responsibility to pay for spills from vessels, funds for clean-up.


Get the facts on oil tanker safety in Canada

Statistics on oil spills, cargoes and tanker traffic.

Safe routing and reporting for vessels

Vessel Traffic Services Zones, reporting requirements, Tanker Exclusion Zone, restrictions in the West Coast Inside Passage.


Protecting Canadian ports from unsafe vessels

Foreign ships not meeting safety and regulatory issues, Port State Control, tanker inspection.