Abandon Ship


  • To prepare for, and if necessary, carry out an orderly evacuation


  • The Master is responsible for verifying that this procedure is followed.


Step Abandon Ship
1 Inform the crew to prepare to abandon ship.
2 Advise authorities that you are preparing to abandon ship.
3 Crew advises passengers to gather on main deck, warmly dressed, and put on lifejackets. Keep them as sheltered as possible. Do not allow lifejackets to be worn inside.
4 Crew checks that all persons on board are accounted for.
5 Crew readies liferaft for launching and gets medical kit, blankets, food and EPIRB ready to be placed in the liferaft.
6 Review with crew and passengers how the evacuation will be carried out. Assign able-bodied people to assist elderly, children…
7 Review cold shock symptoms and how to counteract them.
8 If the situation deteriorates, call for abandon ship.
9 Throw liferaft over the side and inflate it, leaving the painter attached to the vessel.
10 Assist passengers into the liferaft. (Should there be a crewmember in the raft to help them down?)
11 Keep the liferaft attached to the vessel so long as it is safe to do so.
12 Cast off if it appears the vessel will sink or capsize, or if staying alongside poses other hazards.

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