Annex J - Research & Development

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A. Purpose

To provide a framework for research and development ( R&D ) co-operation such that projects of joint interest are co-ordinated over time to assure delivery of results in keeping with the timing of operational and needs and the regulatory agenda.

B. Offices of Primary Interest

For the purpose of this annex, inquiries may be addressed to, and issues of concern may be raised with either of these offices: Transport Canada: Director General, Marine Safety Fisheries & Oceans: Director General, Program Planning & Co-ordination, Canadian Coast Guard

C. Responsibilities and Authorities

  1. Both departments have responsibility to ensure that the marine transportation client group needs are identified and addressed in an expeditious and economical manner. Each department shall undertake to formulate an R&D program which combines the needs of the client group with its in-house program to the maximum extent possible. In the formulation of each department's R&D program, consultative and project sharing mechanisms shall be embodied to ensure that each department assists the other in a correct and propitious manner. Each department shares responsibility to bring issues of interest to the attention of the other.
  2. International agreements are developed by each department for their respective R&D programs.
  3. Transport Canada is responsible for the identification and promotion of R&D projects designed to develop the knowledge base required to advance legislation/regulation essential for the safety of transport and for the prevention of pollution. Transport Canada also maintains an interest in all modal transportation technologies, particularly as they pertain to the advancement of national transportation policy.
  4. Fisheries & Oceans, Canadian Coast Guard, is responsible for the identification and development of those technologies essential to the delivery of its own operations and program mandates, and where applicable, to assist in the development of technologies which contribute to enroute safety and environmental protection.

D. Procedures and Consultation

  1. Consultation/Committee Mechanisms - Each department shall provide for specific consultative fora to periodically exchange information on R&D directions and activities, developed as part of their respective R&D committee process. An interdepartmental committee mechanism is one possible approach to this exchange of information but not necessarily the only process which can be utilised. The objective is to ensure greater collaboration on, and compatibility in, issues of common interest, to review arrangements with respect to the use of Transport Canada-Transportation Development Centre resources and Fisheries & Oceans' ships, to review other resource sharing issues, and to exchange ideas on strategic directions.
  2. Project management agreements, based on previous Coast Guard -Transportation Development Centre models, are to be established for the management of resources from one agency by staff of the other. Such agreements shall specify the appropriate level of detail to ensure due diligence in both the management of the project and the management of resources assigned from one agency to another.
  3. Agreements for Use of Ship Time - Where Fisheries & Oceans, Canadian Coast Guard vessels are required for the performance of R&D projects, an agreement of the use of ship time shall comprise part of each project justification and approval documentation. Where appropriate, such agreements are to recognize any interest which the Canadian Coast Guard may have as a party directly affected by the results of the project. Based on the level of related interest by the Coast Guard, these agreements will make provision for use of ships based on a sliding scale of cost recovery options ranging from full recovery for all costs to the use of ships as a contribution in kind. In no case will Fisheries & Oceans propose a cost recovery scheme which exceeds full attributable costs normally used in Fisheries & Oceans' own accounts.

E. Signing Authorities

M. Turner
Canadian Coast Guard
Fisheries & Oceans
R. Jackson
Assistant Deputy Minister,
Safety & Security
Transport Canada



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