National Advisory Council

The National Advisory Council ( NAC ) on Canada’s Oil Spill Preparedness and Response Regime is a national forum represented by the Presidents of the six Regional Advisory Councils ( RAC ) and Marine Safety, Transport Canada regional and headquarters personnel.

The  NAC provide a means of bringing together representatives from each region to look at common issues and concerns with respect to Canada’s marine oil spill preparedness and response regime as identified in part 8 of the Canada Shipping Act, 2001.  The role of the  NAC is to advise Marine Safety on national policies and plans, and to elevate regional issues within the  RACs that have the potential to become national.  (See  NAC )

The  NAC also provides the opportunity for RACs TC and specified other Government Departments to study Canada’s Oil Spill Response Regime in an atmosphere of co-operation.  This will be accomplished by sharing ideas beneficial to the Regime through collegial and effective meetings.