Person Overboard


  • To maintain sight of a person overboard while maneuvering
  • To recover the person safely as quickly as possible


  • Spotter – to keep the person in sight and provide assistance
  • Master – to bring the vessel back to the person safely and quickly


Step Person Overboard
1 Whoever sees the victim fall overboard shouts "man overboard!" at the top of their voice(s) and points to the victim.
2 The spotter(s) continues to point to the victim until the vessel reaches the victim.
It is vital that spotters do not take their eyes off the victim at any time and that they continue to point throughout.
3 Throw into the water readily available objects that the victim could use to keep afloat.
4 Master -Turn stern (propeller) away from victim by turning the wheel towards the side of his departure and proceed in direction indicated by spotter
5 Alert other vessels in the vicinity so that they can help and do not endanger the person.
6 Make a slow, powered approach into the wind, reducing to dead slow as you approach the victim.
7 Kill the engine (kill cords) when the victim is grasped.
8 If there are significant swells, use the heaving line or lifebuoy to avoid the vessel coming down on the victim
9 Bring the victim onboard
10 Complete an incident report form and advise company and authorities as necessary

Version 1.0