Phasing out of Single-hulled Oil Tankers

The phasing out of single-hulled tankers is a global initiative in order to protect our world's waters from oil pollution from large tankers.

In Canada, the Oil Pollution Prevention Regulations combine the requirements of two well-known legislative tools:

  • The US's Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA 90) – Older single-hulled tankers were phased-out starting in 1995 and the final date for phase out of all single-hulled tankers was 2015.
  • The International Maritime Organization's Annex 1 of MARPOL (Regulation 13F and 13G) – The phasing out of single-hulled tankers began in 2003 with the final phase out occurring in 2015.

Canada has adopted the MARPOL requirements for the phase out of single hulled tankers on international voyages in waters under Canadian jurisdiction, and will apply OPA 90 provisions for Canadian tankers on domestic voyages or trading to the US and for US tankers trading in waters under Canadian jurisdiction. 

Details on the phasing-out of single hulled tankers are contained in the following Transport Canada publications:

Further information can also be found by selecting this link.