Sample Operating Policy


This policy is to guide staff in their roles for safe and efficient operation and prevention of pollution while working with of (Company) or (Vessel Name).


Staff will be told how to carry out their functions and will receive familiarization training before their first voyage. Additional training and safety awareness will be carried out through regular drills. Training will be carried out by the Master and recorded in the company records.

Staff will act professionally and treat others, including clients, with respect.

The vessel and its equipment will meet or exceed regulatory requirements. This will be maintained by carrying out regular checks as set out in the Company Manual and making repairs as required.

Staff will take action to fix any problems they find. If they are not able to fix the problem, they will notify their supervisor immediately, and so on up the chain until the owner has been informed.

The master is responsible for operating the vessel safely. The master alone is responsible for deciding if it is safe to depart.

The master will advise the owner if action must be taken to avoid delaying or cancelling a voyage.

The owner has ultimate responsibility for ensuring the vessel is seaworthy.



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