Bulletin No.: 10/2007

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RDIMS No.: 2593092
Date (Y-M-D): 2007-10-12


Amendments to the Ship Safety Passenger Ship Operations and Damaged Stability Standards (Non-convention Ships) (1993) ( TP 10943) came into force October 1, 2007 with a new title, Passenger Vessel Operations and Damaged Stability Standards (Non-convention vessels) ( 2007).  This Standard applies to all passenger vessels of more than 15 gross tonnage or carrying more than 12 passengers.

Subject: Updated Damaged Stability Provisions for Non-Convention Passenger Vessels

The revised provisions:

  • result in a less complex set of requirements;
  • remove disincentives for vessel replacement (the differences in requirements for new and existing vessels); and
  • are based on a rational evaluation of the risk to passengers on vessels in different services.

The new criteria are most stringent for large vessels operating in open waters where the Canadian criteria correspond to the current SOLAS requirements (the SOLAS 95/98 stability criteria).  As the number of persons on board decreases and the area of operations becomes more restricted, the criteria decrease in stringency to align with the recently revised Construction Standards for Small Vessels ( TP 1332). For some type of smaller vessels carrying less than 50 persons, alternative compliance standards have also been introduced.

An alternative compliance option based on the Static Equivalent Method ( SEM ) is also available for existing Ro-Ro vessels.  For new vessels built after January 1st 2009 the new SOLAS probabilistic method adopted by Resolution MSC.194(80) adopted on 20 May 2005 may also be applied for the damage stability assessment.

The phase-in period allowed for compliance on existing vessels ranges from six months to eight years, depending on the size of the vessel, the area of operation and the current degree of compliance to the Standard.  Newer existing vessels (those less than twenty years old) are allowed additional time to comply.

The new Standard is available at:  http://www.tc.gc.ca/MarineSafety/TP/menu.htm.  Enter “10943” and click Find.  Information on the consultation and the regulatory reform process can be obtained by sending an email to shipshape@tc.gc.ca.



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Updated Damaged Stability Provisions for Non-Convention Passenger Vessels (29 KB) 

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