New policy for authorized service providers for life saving appliances - SSB No.: 24/2020 (modified February 23, 2022)

RDIMS No .: 16741016
Date (Y-M-D) : 2020-11-27

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This bulletin is to advise the marine industry of the Policy on Authorized Service Providers (ASP), published by Transport Canada.


This bulletin applies to the equipment carried on Safety Convention (SOLAS) vessels and any vessels that are required to meet Chapter III of the SOLAS ConventionFootnote 1. It applies also to the service provider who carries out their maintenance.

What you need to know

The policy includes requirements from the International Maritime Organization for maintenance, testing and servicing life-saving appliances. The policy also sets guidelines for authorizing service providers.

The policy covers:

  • weekly and monthly inspections that must be done by the crew
  • how to service inflatable equipment
  • how authorized service provider must service, carry maintenance or repair survival craft, rescue boats, launching appliances and release gear
  • authorization of service providers

Authorized representatives, services providers and Transport Canada Recognized Organizations must follow this new policy.

The List of recognized organizations’ authorized service providers and service technicians for life saving appliances:


1. Life-saving appliances
2. International Maritime Organization
3. Authorized service providers
4. Service stations

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