Understanding the Certification Process

Regulations + Examinations + Training

= Certification

TOP 10 Key activities include:

  1. Development of syllabi for and monitoring of the delivery of approved seafarer training courses by private training institutes. These courses permit candidates to gain exemption from examination by Marine Safety for the subjects in question.
  2. Provision of financial support for training infrastructure e.g. training simulators.
  3. Development of a formal examination program, including a data bank of examination materiel.
  4. Screening of candidates for Certificates of Competency.
  5. Examination of qualified candidates, followed by issuance of appropriate certificates.
  6. Maintenance of databases related to examination questions and certificates issued.
  7. Conducting inquiries related to negligence or incompetence on the part of certificated seafarers.
  8. Suspension of a certificate of competency for nonpayment of family support.
  9. Involvement with various international bodies as the Canadian marine administration.
  10. Consultation with the marine industry in general concerning seafarer requirements.