Marine Safety and Security

The role of Transport Canada Marine Safety (TCMS) is to maintain and enhance marine safety and work to protect life, health, property and the marine environment. This includes providing services that are mandated by Acts and Regulations.

We offer timely and accessible services and methods of delivery. This is why we have aligned our service standards with the government's Policy on Service Standards for External Fees and the User Fee Act (UFA).”

Note: Transport Canada has updated the marine service standards (June 22, 2018)


Our service standards are divided into five groups:

Group 1: Service Standards for Pleasure Craft Pleasure Craft Licensing and Pleasure Craft Operator Competency

Group 2: Service Standards for Cargo and Port State Control Inspections Cargo Inspection and Port State Control Programs

Group 3: Service Standards for Marine Personnel Programs Marine Personnel Programs (Certificates of Competency; Approved Training; Direct Examinations; Examination Services; Safe Manning Documents; Medical Certificates; Maritime Labour Licences and Certificates; Seafarers’ Documents; and Dispensations)

Group 4: Service Standards for Navigable Waters Protection Program Navigable Waters Protection Program

Group 5: Service Standards for vessel registration, inspection and certification Vessel Inspection and Certification Services; Small Vessel Compliance Program Services; Ship Radio Inspection; Vessel Registry Services; Marine Technical Review Board; and Marine Insurance Unit