Examinations of Seafarers

Here you will find resources for the examination of Schools and Marine Personnel.

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Examination and Certification of Seafarers ( TP 2293)

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Marine Schools

Take a look at the schools which provide training for marine personnel and have been selected for examination and course inspection.

See what schools provide training for marine personnel and that are targeted for examination and course inspection.

Ship Safety Automated Seafarer Examination Question System
[Automated Certification & Examination System ( ACES )]

As a result of concerns raised at the International maritime Organization ( IMO ) convention on counterfeit and fraudulent use of certificates, there is a new international requirement, under the Standard on Training, Certification and Watchkeeping ( STCW ), to register, record and produce a new digitized Canadian Certificate of Competency for ships’ deck and engineer officers. Transport Canada is the certifying body responsible for Canada’s approval of the new STCW through IMO . The existing certificates of competency (approximately 40,000) will be replaced with digitized certificates with a photo to accommodate new requirements under STCW -95.