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The following is a list of Transport Publications comprising Regulations, Examinations, Certification, and Training of Seafarers.

TP Number: Title
TP 2293e Examination and Certification of Seafarers
TP 4957e Marine Emergency Duties Training Programme
TP 4958e Simulated Electronic Navigation Courses
TP 5562e Nautical Cadet Training Program
TP 8060e Training Courses for Fishing Certificates, Master 60 to 100 Tons
TP 8129e Training Standards for Tanker Safety, Inert Gas and Crude Oil Washing and Supervisor Oil Transfer Operations Personnel
TP 8911e Three Year Marine Engineer Course Content
TP 10038e Small Fishing Vessel Safety Manual
TP 10655e Approved Training Courses
TP 10933e Engine Room Rating Training Courses
TP 10934e Course for Certificate of Service, Master of Vsl. Under 1600 Tons
TP 10935e Simulated Engine Room and Control Room Course
TP 10936e Bridge Watchman Training Courses
TP 10937e Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit Courses
TP 11130e Training Programme for Marine Cooking
TP 13008e Training Standards for Marine First Aid and Marine Medical Care
TP 13024e Training Standards for RO-RO Passenger Ships Personnel
TP 13067e Watchkeeping Standards
TP 13117e Training Program in Bridge Resource Management
TP 13720e Practical Skills For Marine Engineers, Training Course
TP 13721e Training Record Book Requirements for Watchkeeping Engineer Candidates
TP 13741e Pilotage Risk Management Methodology

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