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The following is a list of Transport Publications comprising Regulations, Examinations, Certification, and Training of Seafarers.

TP  Number: Title
TP 2293 e Examination and Certification of Seafarers
TP 4957 e Marine Emergency Duties Training Programme
TP 4958 e Simulated Electronic Navigation Courses
TP 5562 e Nautical Cadet Training Program
TP 8060 e Training Courses for Fishing Certificates, Master 60 to 100 Tons
TP 8129 e Training Standards for Tanker Safety, Inert Gas and Crude Oil Washing and Supervisor Oil Transfer Operations Personnel
TP 8911 e Three Year Marine Engineer Course Content
TP 10038 e Small Fishing Vessel Safety Manual
TP 10655 e Approved Training Courses
TP 10933 e Engine Room Rating Training Courses
TP 10934 e Course for Certificate of Service, Master of Vsl. Under 1600 Tons
TP 10935 e Simulated Engine Room and Control Room Course
TP 10936 e Bridge Watchman Training Courses
TP 10937 e Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit Courses
TP 11130 e Training Programme for Marine Cooking
TP 13008 e Training Standards for Marine First Aid and Marine Medical Care
TP 13024 e Training Standards for RO-RO Passenger Ships Personnel
TP 13067 e Watchkeeping Standards
TP 13117 e Training Program in Bridge Resource Management
TP 13720 e Practical Skills For Marine Engineers, Training Course
TP 13721 e Training Record Book Requirements for Watchkeeping Engineer Candidates
TP 13741 e Pilotage Risk Management Methodology

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