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Here, owners, operators, builders and the general public have access to valuable information on small vessel regulations, standards and inspections, as well as registration and licensing requirements. If you are unable to find the answers you seek, a Transport Canada Marine Safety Inspector is available to answer them. To reach an inspector in your area contact your nearest Transport Canada Centre.

It is the responsibility of small vessel designers, manufacturers, owners and operators to carefully consider the intended operation of the vessel when determining its construction, watertight integrity, and stability. When selecting materials and equipment, the responsible person must ensure that such items meet the working and environmental conditions the vessel may encounter.

In order to run a safe operation, owners and operators must first understand the importance of vessel regulations and requirements. Understanding which type of small vessel you operate, and the varying degrees of risk associated with your operation, are additional steps toward compliance. Passengers and crew alike look to the vessel owner or operator to provide a safe and enjoyable experience on the water.

Transport Canada supports the safety of all small vessels in Canada by providing a framework of policies, laws and regulations to safeguard domestic waters. As you navigate through this site you will appreciate that the regulations and requirements vary according to vessel size, as well as type of operation.