Navigation and marine conditions


Navigation by region, maritime awareness information, communications and traffic services, nautical charts, weather reports, icebreaking, navigation aids, lighthouses.


Services and information

Navigation by region

Weather, tides, ice, hazards, notices and charts by waterway.

Nautical charts

Finding, updating, purchasing and registering charts, locating a dealer, notices to mariners.


Marine weather reports

Marine weather forecasts and warnings.

Marine communications and traffic services (MCTS)

MCTS centres, shipping notices, vessel traffic management, radio aids, global maritime distress and safety systems.


Ice and icebreaking

Charts, current conditions, ice operations centres, icebreaker vessels and services, photo gallery.

Buoys, lights and aids to navigation

Navigation system aids, Differential Global Positioning System reference stations, sailing directions, report an outage.


Reporting a navigational hazard

Call signs and phone numbers to report emergencies and navigational hazards.


Purpose and use of lighthouses, heritage lighthouses photos and map of historic lighthouses from coast to coast.