Seafarer Certification Services Modernization

The Seafarer Certification Services Modernization project will create a new way to deliver seafarer certification services across Canada. Using cloud based digital applications, we will modernize and streamline services in keeping with Government of Canada innovation initiatives.

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Modernization benefits

The modernization will have the following benefits:

  • To improve the efficiency of the Seafarer Certification Services Program by developing software applications that organize service requests nationally
  • To give decision makers more program workflow options for better efficiency
  • To improve the service experience for Canadian seafarers
  • To make Canada’s service delivery consistent with our peer flag administrations in the International Maritime Organization
  • To reduce the number of service barriers Canadian seafarers face
  • To reduce paperwork and administrative congestion at exam centres across the country
  • To provide consistent service delivery

Current delivery model

Seafarers currently need to physically go to or contact a regional Transport Canada Centre office to receive services like certification, certificate renewal, and examinations. Seafarers often face inconsistent delivery of service, geography and scheduling challenges.

Proposed delivery model

The digital application being developed will allow seafarers to manage their profiles, request services, and update relevant information online. We will have a new digital tool which will let us assess service requests and make certification decisions quickly and efficiently.

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