Seafarer certification



Oversees the training, examination, certification and medical fitness of all seafarers.



Certification and Licensing

Get a Candidate Document Number

You must have a Canadian Document Number before applying for a Marine Certificate issued by the Minister of Transport.

Get a marine pilotage licence or pilotage certificate

Information on the issuance, suspension and cancellation of a marine licence or certificate.


How to obtain a Canadian Marine Medical Certificate

What you need to know prior to applying for a Canadian Marine Medical Certificate, the application process and relevant restrictions.

Issuing Safe Manning Documents

A minimum safe manning document is a document that sets out the minimum number of qualified persons needed to keep the vessel safe and secure and to protect the vessel, crew, passengers, cargo, and the marine environment.


Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Service (SRPS) Licensing

Requirements and process to apply for and acquire a seafarer recruitment and placement service (SRPS) licence.


Equivalent Qualifications and Skill Recognition

Direct Examination Process

Assesses qualifications given to seafarers by an authority other than the Minister of Transport

Request a Canadian Endorsement Attesting the Recognition of a Foreign Certificate Through the Reciprocal Arrangement

Requirements and process to apply for a Canadian endorsement.


Equivalencies for Royal Canadian Navy competencies and certificates from Transport Canada

Transport Canada, the Royal Canadian Navy and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs are working on a project that will give certain naval trades credits towards a commercial marine certificate under the Marine Personnel Regulations (MPR).



Marine Occupational Health and Safety (MOHS)

Discover the rights and responsibilities for all in the workplace, and learn about health and wellness, workplace hazards and injury prevention.

Seafarer Certification Services Modernization

Project to create a new way to deliver seafarer certification services.


Training and Resources

Approved Ship Security Training

Mandatory training programs, ship security training, recognized training institutions and organizations, testimonial for seafarers.

Information for Marine Medical Examiners

Information for current MMEs and qualified individuals wanting to become MMEs.


Managing Fatigue at Sea in Canada

Fatigue is dangerous in all types of transportation where employees routinely work long and irregular hours for extended periods.

Canadian National Seafarers’ Welfare Board

Focusing on issues related to the welfare and well-being of seafarers, while also enhancing and improving seafarer welfare facilities in Canada.