Minister’s Message

As Minister of Transport, I am pleased to present Transport Canada’s 2015–16 Report on Plans and Priorities, an overview of the department’s main priorities, programs and goals for the coming fiscal year.

The Government of Canada works to create jobs, promote economic growth and support Canadian communities and families. To support these goals, Transport Canada works to keep our transportation system safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible. With this in mind, the department will focus on five priorities over the next year and will pay special attention to achieving results in these areas.

First, Transport Canada will focus on refining and strengthening its safety and security oversight. Canada’s transportation system moves people and goods across Canada and to international destinations. By enhancing its oversight function, the department will improve its ability to work with the transportation industry and uphold a culture of safety and security.

Second, the Department will continue to contribute to the Government’s Responsible Resource Development agenda. This will include taking steps to ensure that Canada’s transportation system helps develop our country’s natural resources in ways that protect the environment, while contributing to continued economic growth and job creation.

Third, Transport Canada will continue to help improve Canada’s competitiveness by strengthening its transportation infrastructure. Our transportation system enables trade and economic prosperity, which contributes to Canadians’ quality of life. Having the right infrastructure and a policy framework that supports its development is essential to maintain and improve our transportation system.

Next, Transport Canada will ensure that its policies, programs and activities meet the long-term needs of the transportation system. This priority will ensure that our approaches meet the needs of the transportation sector and consider social, economic and environmental objectives.

Finally, we will work to adopt the Government of Canada’s efficiency and renewal measures. To reflect the importance of innovation, agility and productivity, combined with the goals of improved service and greater efficiency, Transport Canada will strive to serve the public with excellence.

I am confident that Transport Canada, through its plans and priorities, will accomplish these objectives and will prove its commitment to serving Canadians.

The Honourable Lisa Raitt, P.C., M.P.
Minister of Transport