National Trade Corridors Fund

The $2.3-billion National Trade Corridors Fund (NTCF) helps fund infrastructure projects in Canada. Infrastructure projects could include work to airports, ports, railways, transportation facilities, and access roads.

We fund projects that:

  • improve the flow of goods and people in Canada
  • increase the flow of trade in and out of Canada
  • help the transportation system to:
    • withstand the effects of climate change
    • better adapt to new technologies and innovation
  • address the transportation needs of Arctic and northern communities

Funding is spread out over 11 years, ending March 31, 2028.

There are currently two open NTCF calls for proposals:

Arctic and Northern call

The Arctic and Northern call for proposals is open until March 15, 2021

We are accepting proposals for projects that address the transportation infrastructure needs and priorities of Arctic and northern communities.

To close the gap with other regions of Canada, this call for proposals targets projects that will support and promote economic growth and social development, offer job opportunities, and ensure greater connectivity for Northerners.

Continuous call

This continuous call is open

We are accepting proposals for projects that support trade diversification.

To help expand Canada's export markets, this new call for proposals targets bottlenecks in our trade corridors.

In this call, we will evaluate projects on specific trade related criteria. We will be targeting projects that:

  • Improve the fluidity and/or performance of the transportation system to contribute to an increase in the value and/or volume of goods exported from Canada to overseas markets
  • Increase existing or generate new overseas trade flows as a result of the investment

In addition to the above criteria, the assessment will also consider the extent to which a project will add capacity or address bottlenecks near major ports, airports, or along road and rail corridors in Canada that contribute to generating or increasing overseas trade.

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