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Transport Canada programs support our commitment to a safe and secure transportation system that's environmentally responsible and innovative.

Transport Canada (TC) is making progress with the onboarding of programs into a new Grant and Contribution Management System (GCMS), with the goal of having Grant and Contribution programs using the new system starting April 2024. Please consult the program specific pages for onboarding status and instructions on how to apply.

Note: To apply for funding to TC Programs, you must create a user profile and set-up your organization. Once your organization is created, you can apply for funding, but the approval of your funding request will be conditional to the validation of your organization, which will take up to 3 days to complete.

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List of programs





Program to Enhance Rail Safety Engagement

Funding to increase capacity for Indigenous and local communities, organizations, and entities to engage with Transport Canada regarding the rail transportation system.


Commemoration Fund for the Victims of the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 Tragedy

Funding for student scholarships and commemorative projects in memory of the Canadian Victims of the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 Tragedy.


Airport Relief Fund

Fund provides contribution funding to assist targeted airport authorities manage the financial impact of reduced air travel as a result of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Airport Critical Infrastructure Program

Funding to help Canada’s large airports make critical investments in safety, security or transit infrastructure.


Airports Capital Assistance Program

Funds regional airports' projects to improve safety, protect airport assets and reduce operating costs.


Airports Operations and Maintenance Subsidy Program

Helps fund remote airports, ensuring year-round, safe transportation links to isolated communities.


Grant to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for Cooperative Development of Operational Safety and Continuing Airworthiness Program (COSCAP)

Annual grant given to the ICAO to help other nations improve air safety and airworthiness within their borders.


Labrador Coastal Airstrips Restoration Program

Funding for restoring Labrador Coast airstrips to national certification standards.


Payments to Other Governments or International Agencies for the Operation and Maintenance of Airports, Air Navigation and Airways Facilities

An annual payment that helps fund activities to keep international air traffic safe, such as patrolling the North Atlantic.


Abandoned Boats Program

Funds projects that remove abandoned and wrecked small boats or that promote boat recycling and environmental awareness.


Boating Safety Contribution Program

Funds projects that promote safer boating or that study ways to change boating behaviours.


Community Participation Funding Program

Funds Indigenous groups and members of local communities who wish to participate in planning changes to marine transportation in Canada.


Contribution Program for the Centre of Excellence for the Marine Transportation of Oil and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

Funds the centre's research and promotion of best practices for transporting oil and LNG by water.


Ferry Services Contribution Program

Helps fund inter-provincial ferry services in Atlantic Canada and Eastern Quebec.


Grant to the Province of British Columbia in Respect of the Provision of Ferry and Coastal Freight and Passenger Services

An ongoing grant to help British Columbia run coastal ferry services that provide transportation links to various regions and isolated areas.


Indigenous and Local Communities Engagement and Partnership Program

Supports long-term, ongoing involvement of local and regional groups in activities under the Oceans Protection Plan.


Marine Training Program

Funding to provide marine training to Indigenous people and adapt training to include Traditional Knowledge and culturally appropriate materials.


Northumberland Strait Crossing Subsidy Payment Under the Northumberland Strait Crossing Act (Statutory)

Payments to help maintain the bridge between Prince Edward Island and the mainland.


Ports Asset Transfer Program

Coordinates the transfer of port facilities from Transport Canada to new owners.

Marine Marine Safety Equipment and Training Initiative The initiative will provide funding for equipment and training to eligible Indigenous communities to improve vessel safety and build an understanding of safety on the water.
Marine Quiet Vessel Initiative The Initiative is looking at ways to help researchers and designers improve their knowledge so that they can reduce vessel noise.


Rail Climate Change Adaptation Program

Funding to help Canada's rail sector research, develop, and implement innovative technologies, tools, and approaches to reduce complex risks climate change and extreme weather.


Clean Rail Academic Grant Program

Funding for academic research in rail emissions.


Payments to the Canadian National (CN) Railway Company Following the Termination of the Collection of Tolls on the Victoria Bridge, Montreal and for Rehabilitation Work on the Roadway Portion of the Bridge

Payments to maintain public access to the Victoria Bridge in Montreal, Quebec.


Rail Safety Improvement Program

Funding for rail safety improvements to prevent injuries and fatalities.


Zero-Emission Trucking Program

Funding to promote a clean transportation system and help accelerate the safe deployment of zero-emission trucks on Canadian roads.


Outaouais Road Agreement

Funding to improve highways in the Quebec portion of the National Capital Region.


Program to Advance Connectivity and Automation in the Transportation System

Funds projects that help advance new technology for transportation such as self-driving or data-sharing vehicles.


Enhanced Road Safety Transfer Payment Program

Helps fund the development of a national regulatory framework for motor carrier safety.


Transportation Association of Canada

Helps fund the association's work to improve transportation efficiency, roads, and highway infrastructure, and harmonize best practices across Canada.

Road Enhanced Road Safety Transfer Payment Program Funding for Canadian projects that support Canada’s Road Safety Strategy 2025.

Protecting the environment

Transportation Assets Risk Assessment Program

Funding for projects that assess risks and vulnerabilities for federal transportation assets, such as airports, due to climate change.

Protecting the environment

Northern Transportation Adaptation Initiative Program

Funding for research and development, testing of technologies and training to help adapt northern transportation systems to the changing climate.

Protecting the environment

Participant Funding Program for Review of Environmental and Regulatory Processes

Fund to enable Indigenous groups to attend meetings, gather information on proposals, and inform decision makers.

Protecting the environment

Shore Power Technology for Ports

Funding for marine shore power technology, local electrical grids, and Canadian ports.

Protecting the environment

Clean Transportation System – Research and Development Program

This program funds projects to help reduce air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions in the aviation, marine and rail sectors.

Supporting multiple modes of transportation

Allowances to Former Employees of Newfoundland Railways, Steamships and Telecommunications Services Transferred to Canadian National Railways

Supplemental pension payments for Newfoundland employees whose pension benefits weren't fully covered by Canadian National Railways.

Supporting multiple modes of transportation

Canadian Transportation Research Forum's Scholarship Program

Scholarships for transportation research.

Supporting multiple modes of transportation

National Trade Corridors Fund

Funding for infrastructure projects that increase the flow of people and goods, or help adapt transportation systems to climate change and new technology.

Supporting multiple modes of transportation

Remote Passenger Rail Program

Helps fund rail services, both capital and operating costs, for passengers in remote communities.

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Transport Canada is responsible for ensuring that communities and organizations are informed of our Scientific Integrity Policy, which the department has been working to implement since its adoption in late 2018. Communities and organizations are encouraged to comply with the provisions and intent of the Policy. Please consult this fact sheet on the Policy for more information.