Projects funded by the National Trade Corridors Fund

Since the launch of the Program in July 2017, Transport Canada has undertaken 7 calls for proposals under the National Trade Corridors Fund. To date, TC has announced 130 projects and committed $3.7 billion to marine, air, rail and road projects. Twenty three of these projects are targeting Canada's Arctic and Northern regions.

Name of project Applicant Work being done Federal funding
Optimizing Access to the Port of Montreal City of Montreal

The project consists of the implementation of a traffic management and optimization system in the municipal road corridors bordering the Port of Montreal in order to improve the fluidity, reliability and safety of this arterial network, and to increase the efficiency and productivity of the logistics chain related to truck transportation to and from the Port.

Expanding Western Canadian Air Cargo Export Capacity Edmonton International Airport

The project will expand the airport's Apron 7 by 47,000m2, install a new hydrant fueling system connected to Shell Aviation’s new cargo fuel farm and construct 1,400m2 of cold storage and equipment in the international cargo area near Apron 7.

Terminal Capacity Expansion Ray-Mont Logistics Vancouver Inc.
  • Expand existing terminal capacity and rail footprint.
Rail Jetty Expansion Fibreco Export Inc.

Increasing rail capacity, including:

  • Extension of the rail jetty
  • 2.5 km of rail tracks to increase railcar storage
Annacis Island Track Capacity Improvements Southern Railway of British Columbia Limited

Increasing rail access to auto terminals and off-dock facilities.

Improving of 3 independent areas of the Southern Railway rail network, including:

  • 1.2 km of new rail track
  • Re-aligning track configuration
  • Upgrading existing rail sections
50th Street CP Railway Grade Separation and Widening City of Edmonton
  • Separating the road and railway crossing at 50 Street
  • Widening 50 Street to 6 lanes between Sherwood Park Freeway and 90 Avenue
North Klondike Highway Reconstruction - Phase 1 Government of Yukon
  • Reconstruction of nearly 100 km of the North Klondike Highway, which connects Whitehorse to Dawson City
  • Rehabilitation of the McCabe and Moose Creek Bridges, and reconstruction of the Crooked Creek Bridge
Sturgeon Terminal Project - Railcar Storage to Support Industrial Production Cando Rail Services Ltd.
  • Construction of a large loop track
  • Construction of 32 parallel storage tracks within the loop track
  • Construction of a connection to the CN Rock Yard rail spur
Airport Trail NE Phase 2 The City of Calgary Building:
  • a new segment of Airport Trail between 36 Street NE and 60 Street NE
  • the first stage of interchanges along Airport Trail at 19 Street NE and Barlow Trail
  • a new ramp at the interchange of Stoney Trail and Airport Trail
Upgrade to Facilitate International Trade Forty Mile Rail Inc.
  • Upgrading the Forty Mile Rail's transload facility at Foremost, AB
  • Rehabilitating the Cardston Subdivision line.
Rehabilitation of Runway 01-19, Apron III & Apron IV Prince George Airport Authority Rehabilitating Runway 01-19 and two airport aprons 2400000
Nanaimo Vehicle Processing Centre (VPC) Nanaimo Port Authority
  • Planning, designing and building a vehicle processing centre
  • Rehabilitating and improving the existing berth infrastructure
Burrard Inlet Road and Rail Improvement Projects Vancouver Fraser Port Authority Building:
  • a 600 metre, 2-lane elevated structure
  • a 600-metre extension of the existing 2-lane Waterfront Road
  • road infrastructure along Commissioner Street
  • 5.3 km of new railway track along the Canadian Pacific Railway Cascade Subdivision
Westwood Street and Kingsway Avenue Grade-Separations Project Vancouver Fraser Port Authority
  • Developing engineering designs for 2 grade separations:
    • the Canadian Pacific Railway Cascade Subdivision at Westwood Street
    • Kingsway Avenue in Coquitlam along the Canadian Pacific Railway Westminster Subdivision
Pitt River Road and Colony Farm Road Rail Overpasses Project Vancouver Fraser Port Authority
  • Developing engineering designs to:
    • separate the road and railway corridors by raising both Pitt River Road and Colony Farm Road to pass over the Canadian Pacific Railway
    • double-track a 5.2 km section of the Canadian Pacific Railway
Mountain Highway Underpass Vancouver Fraser Port Authority
  • Lowering the northbound lane of Mountain Highway to give enough clearance for oversized cargo to pass under the existing Canadian National Railway structure
  • Realigning a 250 meter section of Dominion Street
  • Improving access and sidewalks
Harris Road Underpass and Kennedy Road Overpass Vancouver Fraser Port Authority Building:
  • a rail siding to support the Canadian Pacific Railway Vancouver Intermodal Facility
  • a 4-lane road underpass crossing below the railway track
  • a 2-lane road overpass crossing above the railway track
North Shore Corridor Capacity Improvement Vancouver Fraser Port Authority
  • Upgrading the Thornton Rail Tunnel
  • Building a 5.5 km staging track
  • Designing and rebuilding Douglas Road to pass over the railway
Zanardi Bridge and Mainline Expansion - Engineering and Design Work Prince Rupert Port Authority
  • Developing engineering designs to replace the single-line Zanardi Rail bridge
  • Replacement could include up to 4 tracks and bridges
Ridley Island Road-Rail-Utility Corridor Expansion Prince Rupert Port Authority Developing engineering designs to expand and develop new rail lines which will connect to planned terminals and a logistics park 3700000
Terminal Upgrades Ashcroft Terminal
  • Building a new rail link from Ashcroft Terminal to Canadian National Railway's main rail line
  • Building an extra rail track and internal road network, including:
    • a 2-way road underpass
    • a multi-commodity transload and storage warehouse
    • utility enhancements
Upgrades along the Burrard Inlet Line Project –Phase 1A Canadian National Railway Company Limited
  • Designing and building a 4.2 km siding and a retaining wall
  • Making improvements to the signals system
Stewart World Port: Phase 3 Development Stewart World Port Installing the bulk loading conveyor systems and stacker, and associated power and control facilities in Stewart, British Columbia 13200000
Ridley Island Export Logistics Platform Road, Rail and Utility Corridor (RRUC) Expansion Prince Rupert Port Authority
  • Site clearing and earthworks to expand the existing RRUC to provide room for six inbound tracks and five outbound tracks
  • Providing additional rail capacity and separating rail traffic serving the bulk and container facilities on Ridley Island
Zanardi Bridge, Causeway and Rail Expansion Prince Rupert Port Authority
  • Providing additional rail capacity to the Port of Prince Rupert to accommodate future growth in import and export trade
  • Reducing operational conflicts by allowing arriving /departing train movements and rail car switching activities at the marine terminals to occur simultaneously with less conflict
Metlakatla South Kaien Import/Export Logistics Metlakatla Development Corporation Converting 155 acres of South Kaien greenfield lands to 60 acres of flat and fully serviced, development-ready lands that will host import and export logistics facilities and a container yard 43300000
West Coast Supply Chain Visibility System Vancouver Fraser Port Authority
  • Developing a series of operational planning and optimization tools to improve the fluidity, resiliency, and usage of the supply chain capacity across western Canada
  • Developing a near real-time dashboard to measure end-to-end performance of the supply chain for all cargo moving through the Port of Vancouver and the Port of Prince Rupert
Fraser Surrey Port Lands Transportation Improvements Vancouver Fraser Port Authority
  • Improving the fluidity and safety of road and rail traffic operations to support container, forest products, steel and logistics activities
  • Enabling the development of new rail-serviced bulk export marine terminals over the longer-term
Portside Blundell Overpass and Upgrade Vancouver Fraser Port Authority Alleviating the existing traffic congestion issues caused by the high traffic volumes in the Portside/Blundell corridor 39400000
Short Sea Shipping - Concept Development Vancouver Fraser Port Authority
  • Evaluating the viability of short sea shipping in Greater Vancouver
  • Developing a concept of short sea shipping to a stage where a confident investment decision could be made by relevant parties
  • Exploring opportunities to move marine containers by barge from VFPA container terminals to an off-dock location(s) on the Fraser River
  • Exploring prospects of a break-bulk service with the Port of Nanaimo
Annacis Auto Terminal Optimization Vancouver Fraser Port Authority
  • Consolidating two existing auto terminal operations within the Port of Vancouver into one
  • Expanding and optimizing Annacis Auto Terminal (AAT) to handle both auto terminal operations
  • Repurposing the Richmond Terminal (RT) to handle export trade related operations and development
Duke Point Terminal - Phase 2/3 Expansion Nanaimo Port Authority
  • Expanding the existing wharf from 182m to 325m
  • Installing a new wharf crane rail system in order to replace the existing crane with two 80-foot cranes
  • Constructing a new covered warehouse for pulp and other forest products; a new administration and maintenance building; and a new truck gate
  • Enlarging the storage area in the terminal upland areas
  • Upgrading the drainage, sewers, electrical, water and security around the terminal
Glen Valley Double Track Canadian National Railway Company Ltd. Increasing rail capacity near Abbotsford, British Columbia, on the CN Yale subdivision between the end of the Directional Running Zone (DRZ) and CN’s Thornton Yard 20000000
Terrace Commercial Vehicle Inspection Station Relocation Project British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Constructing a commercial vehicle inspection station (CVIS) to replace the existing Terrace Commercial Vehicle Inspection Station (Terrace CVIS), alleviating safety issues 15100000
Pine Falls Subdivision Enhancement Project Central Manitoba Railway Upgrading the shortline track and 14 km of supporting infrastructure 5700000
Unlocking Canada's Air Cargo Potential with Airport City Winnipeg Winnipeg Airports Authority Inc. Constructing a new 140,000 sq. foot cargo logistics facility, including space for cold chain and perishable logistics, live animal handling and expanded air cargo capacity, as well as added space for aircraft 30400000
Strategic Corridor Project – Route 10 New Brunswick Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Replacing 2 Coles Island bridges along Route 10 with bridges that can support heavy vehicles on 2 lanes of traffic 22100000
Chignecto Isthmus Climate Change Adaptation Project Comprehensive Engineering and Feasibility Study New Brunswick Department of Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Studying existing infrastructure
  • Consulting with stakeholders
  • Creating solutions to protect and sustain the Chignecto Isthmus Trade Corridor
Safety Related Airfield Modernization Investment Project Saint John Airport Authority
  • Upgrading pavement and lighting
  • Installing runway safety end areas for the two runways
  • Installing new centreline lighting on the primary runway
Building Capacity on Terminals 3 and 4 Belledune Port Authority
  • Increasing cargo storage capacity at the Port of Belledune
  • Relocating the tug wharf
  • Infilling the water lot between the two terminals to eliminate the water gap
  • Creating additional cargo storage capacity at the south end of Terminal 3
Eliminating Bottlenecks and Restrictions to Growth at YQM Greater Moncton Roméo LeBlanc International Airport Authority Inc. Expanding the air cargo operational infrastructure at the Greater Moncton Roméo LeBlanc International Airport (YQM) 8300000
The Transatlantic Trade Corridor Gander International Airport Authority Rehabilitating Runway 13/31 and the adjoining taxiways and apron 5000000
Port Cargo-Handling Productivity Study St. John's Port Authority Looking into ways to improve productivity at the main cargo handling facilities at the Port of St. John's 175000
Enhancing Loading and Unloading Capacity at the Port of Corner Brook Corner Brook Port Corporation Enabling the Port of Corner Brook to efficiently load and unload container vessels to facilitate overseas trade flows 5500000
A Tool to Optimize the Effectiveness of the Winter Road Network in the Canadian North University of Toronto Developing a user-friendly, web-based portal that will centralize critical information including transportation network technologies, climate data and simulations, logistical and transportation operation data, physical, socio-economic and cultural aspects of winter road and trail networks 828000
Northern Aerodrome Procedure Deployment NAV Canada
  • Introducing new Global Navigation Satellite instrument approach procedures
  • Improving the arrival/departure process for aircrafts by introducing vertically guided approach at eligible sites, allowing aircraft to land with lower cloud bases
Trans-Canada Highway (Hwy 104) Twinning Province of Nova Scotia Designing and building a 38-kilometre twinned stretch of Highway 104 from Sutherlands River to Antigonish 90000000
Halifax Stanfield Air Cargo Logistics Park Halifax International Airport Authority Building new cargo facilities 18000000
Integration of Existing Port of Halifax Infrastructure to Optimize Trade Halifax Port Authority Integrating and optimizing the berth and ground container storage capacity of the South End Container Terminal (SECT) and the Fairview Cove Container Terminal (FCCT) 24000000
Windsor Street Exchange Upgrades Halifax Regional Municipality Upgrading the Windsor Street Exchange (WSE), a major commuter route and main access to the Halifax Port Authority's Fairview Cove Container Terminal (FCCT) 23500000
New Highway 103 Interchange for Increased and New Trade Department of Public Works
  • Constructing a new major interchange on Nova Scotia’s Highway 103
  • Upgrading local roads and intersections in connection with the interchange
Preliminary Steps for the Mackenzie Valley Highway Government of Northwest Territories
  • Building a bridge over the Great Bear River
  • Building an access road
  • Conducting environmental and planning studies
Replacement of Air Terminal Buildings Government of Nunavut Replacing 5 undersized and outdated airport terminal buildings across Nunavut 34700000
Operational Base Upgrade Project First Air Operations Building an expanded cargo warehouse 12800000
Passenger Boarding Ramp Replacement within Nunavut Airport Terminals Calm Air International LP Acquiring, transporting and installing a passenger boarding ramp at airport terminals in seven Nunavut communities: Arviat, Whale Cove, Chesterfield Inlet, Baker Lake, Coral Harbour and Sanikikuaq 196000
Kivaliq Trade Corridor Government of Nunavut Planning, designing and conducting an environmental assessment to advance the establishment of all-weather road corridors between several neighboring communities in the region 4500000
Rankin Inlet Airport Terminal Building Expansion Government of Nunavut
  • Building two additional wings to increase the capacity of the Rankin Inlet International Airport (from 1,000 sq. m to 4,300 sq. m)
  • Improving the landside and airside infrastructure over a five-year period
  • Expanding the terminal building to address infrastructure concerns, accommodate increased passenger volumes and the airline/airport support functions
  • Renovating the terminal to improve service reliability and predictability
Grays Bay Road and Port Project: Phase 1 Kitikmeot Inuit Association (KIA)
  • Initiating the construction of the Grays Bay Road and Port Project, a 230 km all-season connecting road
  • Performing an environmental assessment and geotechnical investigations
  • Preparing the final design
  • Securing all regulatory permits
Slave Geological Province Corridor Government of Northwest Territories Constructing the Slave Geological Province Access Corridor to enable reliable, year-round access into a mineral rich region 30000000
CASRAS: A Tool for NWT Marine Trade Corridor Efficiency, Reliability and Safety National Research Council Canada
  • Developing software to compile environmental data and mariner knowledge relevant to the Government of Northwest Territories shipping operations
  • Building on the platform to enable evidence-based risk assessments and infrastructure planning on historical, current and future climate trends
Climate Change Resilience Study of Transportation Infrastructure along the Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway Royal Military College of Canada Assessing the overall performance of the highway and providing site-specific data on infrastructure performance in light of climate change 2400000
Studying the Impact of Climate Driven Geohazards on Transportation Corridors in Canada's Territorial North Royal Military College of Canada Researching climate change and its effects on the frequency and magnitude of geohazards faced by transportation networks and infrastructure 2300000
Multi-Modal Terminal Reconfiguration Thunder Bay Port Authority
  • Adding upgraded rail tracks and laydown areas for cargo staging and trans-shipment
  • Building a 4,645 square meter multi-purpose heated facility
Taxiway G Reconstruction London International Airport Authority Removing and building London International Airport's Taxiway G 3300000
Border Waiting Time System Enhancement Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority Designing, supplying and installing license plate reader cameras and corresponding electrical and IT infrastructure at 11 locations 55000
Toll System Replacement Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority Redesigning, upgrading, and replacing the toll system software, hardware and signage for toll collection lanes 2000000
Canadian PIL RFID Project Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority Designing, supplying and installing RFID readers and corresponding electrical and IT infrastructure at 11 auto primary inspection lanes 307500
Westport Modernization Hamilton Port Authority
  • Building a new wall for a dock at the port's busiest pier
  • Upgrading the port's rail network to increase capacity and improve connectivity
  • Improving the road and utilities for a new depot
  • Building a new warehouse for multi-user storage
Airfield Rehabilitation and Modernization Project TradePort International Corporation (Hamilton International Airport) Rehabilitating the airport's two main runways, supporting taxiways, and the lighting system 18500000
Sarnia-Lambton Oversized Load Corridor Corporation of the City of Sarnia Designing and implementing a 26.7 km protected route to facilitate the transportation of super, oversized loads to national and overseas markets. 6000000
Grain Export Infrastructure Renewal and Expansion Corporation of the Township of Edwardsburgh Modernizing and improving several infrastructure components at the Port of Johnstown located on the West bank of the St. Lawrence Seaway 4800000
Pier 10 Export Expansion Project Hamilton-Oshawa Port Authority
  • Addressing the needed export capacity for Ontario agricultural products and the costly vessel wait-time bottleneck
  • Improving the efficiency of the regional transportation system and food-processing supply chain
CAA Runway 03-21 Charlottetown Airport Authority
  • Rebuilding:
    • Runway 03-21
    • associated taxiways Alpha, Bravo and Charlie
  • Building runway end safety areas
Strategic Infrastructure Repairs at the Port Of Québec Quebec Port Authority Repairing the structure, motors and gears of the drawbridge in the harbour estuary area to add at least 30 years of service life 2800000
Strategic Infrastructure Restoration at the Port Of Quebec Quebec Port Authority Repairing the wharves located in the Anse-au-Foulon and Beauport port sectors to address deteriorating wharves 4500000
Upgrading the Transportation Infrastructure at the Port of Quebec in Support of a Canadian Grain Export Terminal Quebec Port Authority Repairing wharves and improving access to the site located in the Anse-au-Foulon port sector to meet the needs of exporting businesses 8200000
Optimization of the Port of Montreal's Intermodal Network Montreal Port Authority
  • Optimizing the capacity of the Port of Montreal's rail network, particularly in the port's interchange area by:
    • Relocating underground and surface infrastructure;
    • Relocating/constructing the new port road;
    • Constructing new rail lines
Improving Access to the Port of Montreal - Phase 2 City of Montreal
  • Extending De l’Assomption Boulevard between Notre-Dame Street and Pierre-de-Coubertin Avenue, making it possible to connect a new road at the port exit to the future extension of Souligny Avenue
  • Creating a road link between the port and the Trans-Canada highway
Increasing the capacity and fluidity of the infrastructure Société ferroviaire et portuaire de Pointe-Noire S.E.C. Improving the transportation system linking the Labrador Trough to the Pointe-Noire trans-shipment docks 50000000
Pointe-aux-Basques Terminal Modernization Sept-Îles Port Authority
  • Upgrading the Pointe-aux-Basques terminal with the rehabilitation of the terminal
  • Constructing a sheet pile wall along the entire length of the existing dock
  • Upgrading the services in the transit of goods by extending the existing dock and improving the load-bearing capacity
Implementation of Intermodal Measures to Increase Freight Mobility Montreal Port Authority Implementing a set of measures, schemes, incentives and infrastructure to both better manage and increase the mobility of goods, to reduce the frequency and severity of congestion episodes. 18500000
Aero-logistics Cluster of the Mirabel International Aerocity Montreal Airport Authority
  • Renovation and extension of the main deck to a cargo deck
  • Improving the road network in the region to facilitate access to the new loading bridge
  • Constructing warehouses dedicated to air freight and logistics activities
Extending the Dolbeau-Mistassini railway to Baie-Comeau Innovation et développement Manicouaguan Studying the logistics and feasibility of extending the existing Canadian National Railway at Dolbeau-Mistassini to the Baie-Comeau rail and marine terminal 7500000
Highway 6 & 39 Trade and Resiliency Corridor Improvements Government of Saskatchewan
  • Building 11 sets of passing lanes and twinning for short sections of the corridor between Regina and the US border
  • Rehabilitating 73 km of pavement
  • Culvert replacement
  • Managing access, widening, improving intersections and enhancing border crossing facilities at North Portal, Saskatchewan
Southwestern Saskatchewan Corridor Capacity Improvement Plan Great Sandhills Railway Ltd. Upgrading the track of the Great Sandhills Railway (GSR) shortline to increase the maximum speed of the line to 25 mph from 10 mph 4200000
Switching Operation at North West Terminal Great Sandhills Railway Ltd.
  • Constructing 3 loop tracks, along with associated grade work
  • Constructing a repair shop at the North West Terminal
ITS Strategy Government of Yukon (Highways and Public Works) Modernizing infrastructure within 7 components of the Yukon Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) architecture 7000000
Construction Project of Terminal 21 at the Port of Trois-Rivières Trois-Rivières Port Authority
  • Increasing its capacity to transport solid and liquid bulk goods and general cargo by 46%.
  • Improving the fluidity of current traffic and eliminating bottlenecks.
  • Development of a multimodal platform to efficiently move goods between road, rail and sea modes.
Alberta Midland Railway Terminal Ltd. (AMRT) Phase 2 Expansion Alberta Midland Railway Terminal Ltd.
  • Increasing capacity on the Class I mainline rail network and within Class I rail yards and terminals by building additional tracks to increase available rail car storage.
  • Improving inbound/outbound exchange tracks serving both CN and CP and turnaround capability within the expanding facility.
  • Addressing the existing shortage of rail yard facilities in the region and allow for greater coordination and scheduling of rail shipments along rail corridors.
  • Providing a direct link to the CP line.
North Klondike Highway Corridor Strategic Upgrades – Phase 2 Government of Yukon
  • Reconstruction of 110 km of highway between Carmacks and Stewart Crossing
  • Nisutlin Bay Bridge replacement
  • Implementation of innovative technologies such as an Intelligent Transportation System, electric vehicle charging stations and a weigh-in-motion system
Project to Establish a Deep-Water Port in the Hamlet of Qikiqtarjuaq Government of Nunavut
  • Building a new deep-water port in Qikiqtarjuaq to support the Davis Strait and Baffin Bay regions
  • Includes necessary components to service the offshore fishing industry, by providing a more efficient and environmentally-sustainable option for offloading.
Feasibility Studies for Airport Relocation Nunatsiavut Government
  • Conducting technical feasibility studies for the relocation of the Nain Airport.
Dehk'e' Frank Channel Bridge Replacement Government of the Northwest Territories- Department of Infrastructure
  • Construction of a new bridge located on the Northwest Territories Highway 3 in order to ensure the reliability and safety of the route.
Mobile Equipment Shelters and Cargo Facilities for Seven Nunavut Airports Department of Economic Development and Transportation, Government of Nunavut
  • Building shelters to house mobile equipment essential for maintenance operations.
Mechanized Multi-User Bulk Transport System Saguenay Port Authority
  • Constructing a 2 kilometer electric conveyor system to transport of bulk materials between the rail road and the Port to increase cargo handling capacity.
Jean Lesage International Airport Intermodal Air Cargo Center Quebec Airport Authority
  • Redevelopment of an existing building into an air cargo center at the Jean-Lesage Airport in order to increase capacity, including space for regional air carriers that transport good to remote areas.
Area V Initiative Project Vancouver Fraser Port Authority
  • Preparation of an undeveloped 40-acre parcel land within the Fraser Richmond Industrial Lands for the handling and storage of empty containers.
Empty Container Information System Plus (ECIS+) TSC Trakking Software Corporation
  • Development of a digital platform for sourcing and managing empty shipping containers in Metro Vancouver and potentially other Canadian cities.
South Shore 3rd Main Line: Engineering Study Vancouver Fraser Port Authority
  • Development of a plan for capacity improvements along a segment of rail that links Canadian Pacific's intermodal and rail yards in Metro Vancouver with grain and container terminals in the Port of Vancouver's South Shore Trade Area.
Container Examination Visibility System Vancouver Fraser Port Authority
  • Development and implementation of technology for the management of containers flagged for inspection.
Gateway Transportation Collaboration Forum (GTCF) Secretariat Fund Vancouver Fraser Port Authority
  • Support ongoing work of the Gateway Transportation Collaboration Forum Secretariat, which brings together a number of governmental and private organizations to identify gateway infrastructure priorities in Metro Vancouver.
Aviation Network Capacity and Resilience improvements NAV CANADA
  • Technology and infrastructure improvements at four major hub airports (Montreal, Toronto Pearson, Calgary and Vancouver) such as the implementation of digital twin architecture, enhanced navigation network based operations center (NOC), enhanced weather prediction and monitoring systems, and implementation of ground based Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast technology for enhanced aircraft monitoring.
Future Canadian Airspace Operations NAV CANADA
  • Technology to support Canadian airspace navigation services through the implementation of Trajectory Based Operations practices and improved Instrument Flight Procedures services.
  • Implementation of  Remotely Piloted Aircraft System Traffic Management services to monitor and control drone operations in Canada's airspace.
Integration of a Marine Container Examination Facility (MECF) within the Port of Halifax to Optimize Rapid and Optimal Inspection Halifax Port Authority
  • Building a new Marine Container Examination Facility within the Port of Halifax, including installation of integrated container tracking system, and construction of access roadways.
Rail Supply Chain Upgrade New Brunswick Southern Railway Company Limited
  • Upgrades to New Brunswick Southern Railway rail line, bridges, main line turnouts, installing rail ties at the Saint John and McAdam Terminals.
Enhanced West Side Terminal Modernization Saint John Port Authority
  • Increasing the cargo laydown capacity of the West Side Terminal at the Port of Saint John, enhancing the crane capabilities of the terminal, and adding Roll-On/Roll-Off capabilities.
Enhanced Service, Safety and Resilience NAV CANADA
  • Applying new, modern technologies to Canada’s air traffic network.
Port of Oshawa Export Infrastructure Project 2021 Hamilton Oshawa Port Authority
  • Construction of buildings, marine infrastructure, storage, terminal upgrades, roads, paving and utilities.
Essex Terminal Railway Company / Morterm Limited New Transload Warehouse
  • Construction of a transload warehouse
Extensive Railway Grade Stabilization Project Big Sky Rail Corp / Last Mountain Railway
  • Stabilize 56 km's of rail bed along the Big Sky Rail and Last Mountain Railway lines.
  • Construction two grain transloading facilities and storage along the rail line in Elrose and Girvin, Saskatchewan.
GWR Pre Interchange Yard Great Western Railway LTD
  • Construct a new pre-interchange rail yard that consist of three switching and staging tracks at Valor, a previous rail station site 5 miles west of the CP Rail Interchange at Assiniboia, Saskatchewan.
Increasing Rail Efficiency in Regina Corridor Purely Canada Foods Corp.
  • Rail construction that will allow traffic to move more efficiently from Stewart Southern Railway  to Canadian Pacific Railway, bypassing the Regina Rail yard.
Ring Road Rail Grade Crossing Relocation - Preliminary Design City of Regina
  • The preliminary design, stakeholder engagement, environmental review of the Regina Rail Relocation Initiative, which will relocate sections of track owned by CP and CN.
PermaRail: A Transdisciplinary Approach to Increasing Railway Resilience to Permafrost Terrain Changes The Governors of the University of Calgary
  • A study to assess the current and future conditions of permafrost along the Hudson Bay Railway corridor, and identify potential mitigation strategies and tools related to common permafrost hazards (e.g. flooding, thaw settlement, embankment stability, etc.).
International Cargo Hub at Edmonton International Airport Edmonton Regional Airports Authority
  • Converting 2,000 acres of land into a new global cargo handling operation located at the Edmonton International Airport which includes airside and groundside projects initiatives as well as installing utility infrastructure.
Diversifying Offered Services and Increasing the Capacity of the Terminal  DG Canest Transit Inc.
  • Updating current infrastructure and purchasing new equipment at a grain terminal located at the Port of Montreal to increase capacity and diversify services.
Northern Labrador Highway Feasibility Study Department of Transportation and Infrastructure in the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador 
  • Conducting a pre-feasibility study for the construction of a road connecting the existing Trans-Labrador Highway and northern Labrador.
Building Capacity in Canada's Steel Supply Chain Hamilton-Oshawa Port Authority
  • Building a new transload facility for the handling of steel products adjacent to the marine terminal.
Second Berth Construction Trigon Pacific Terminals Ltd. 
  • Building a new berth to export a variety of liquid and dry bulk products that is intended to be mostly green energy and other clean commodities.
Strategic Huron Central Railway Infrastructure Investment for Northern Ontario Huron Central Railway Inc. 
  • Rehabilitating 288 km of railway line to improve the useful service life of the track and to support the sustainable operations of Huron Central Railway as a viable freight service between Sault St. Marie and Sudbury, Ontario.
The Welland Canal: Reinvigorating Niagara’s World Class Supply Chain The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation
  • Reconstructing and rehabilitating 3 wharves located at the southwestern extremity of the Welland Canal in Port Colbourne, Ontario.
Dry Bulk Conveyor Project Belledune Port Authority
  • Creating a fixed electric conveyor loop linking the existing deep-water Terminal 2 through conveyors to a laydown area at the Port of Belledune.
CBSA Container Examination Proposal Port of Saint John
  • Repurposing and reconfiguring the existing examination facility at the Port Saint John (PSJ) to provide additional space for CBSA to carry out its inspection activities for cargo arriving at the Port.
Saint John Harbour Bridge Rehabilitation (H290 - Phase 3 & 4) New Brunswick Department of Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Rehabilitating the Saint John Harbour Bridge in New Brunswick.
YQX Cargo Centre Gander International Airport Authority Inc.
  • Constructing an advanced live seafood storage facility with an estimated capacity of up to 75 tonnes at the Gander International Airport in Newfoundland and Labrador.
 Enhancing Yukon Trade Corridor Resilience to Northern Geohazards  Yukon University
  • Monitoring, simulation activities, forecasting and structural mitigation to better understand and reduce the risk of impacts from permafrost and hydrology-related geohazards.
Nanaimo Gateway Initiative Nanaimo Port Authority
  • Investigating the feasibility of expanding container handling capacity at the Duke Point Terminal, the development of trade-supporting lands in proximity to the Port, and enhanced short-sea shipping services between Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainla
CentrePort Canada Rail Park Focus Equities Inc.
  • Building a rail park at CentrePort Canada.
Global Agriculture Trans-Loading Expansion Global Agriculture Trans-Loading Inc.
  • Expanding rail capacity through the purchase of equipment, including a three-track rail spur; new container lifts; railcar pushers; conveyor belt systems; and bagging equipment.
Nova Scotia Department of Public Works Highway 101 Cambridge Interchange and Connector Constructing a new grade-separated interchange on Highway 101 with connector roads north and south. 21800000