Indigenous Participant Funding Program

The Indigenous Participant Funding Program (IPFP) funds projects and initiatives designed to support the capacity of Indigenous communities and organizations to participate in Canadian Navigable Waters Act (CNWA) and Wrecked, Abandoned or Hazardous Vessels Act (WAHVA) processes which include measures aimed at supporting the objectives of the Government’s commitment to reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.

This program supports the participation of Indigenous communities and organizations in Canada by providing funding through grants and contributions.

Consultation and Engagement Components:

Grant funding for consultation and engagement is available to Indigenous communities and organizations across Canada. There are two sub-components to the grant program:

  1. Policy-Based Component:

    • Support for participation in proposed policy initiatives related to the CNWA or WAHVA.
  2. Project-Based Component:

    • Support consultation related to decisions contemplated under the CNWA and/or WAHVA and the potential adverse impacts of those decisions on Aboriginal or Treaty rights

Contribution funding to support collaboration and capacity is also available to Indigenous communities and organizations across Canada.

Capacity Component:

  • Provide capacity support for activities, such as Indigenous-led studies, that promote long-term benefits aligned with the objectives of CNWA and/or WAHVA, and the development and maintenance of partnerships and collaborative opportunities between Transport Canada and Indigenous communities and organizations.

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