Guideline for Culvert Safety Management

Part G - Documentation, Records and Audit of Culvert Safety Management Programs

6.1 - Scope

Each railway authority's CSMP should include a process for the verification of the effectiveness of the program and the accuracy of the resulting information.

6.2 - Audits, General

A Railway company shallFootnote 17 implement and maintain procedures for periodic internal safety audits, reviews by management, monitoring, and evaluations of it's CSMP to determine whether it:

  1. Meets the requirements of this Guideline;
  2. Has been properly implemented and maintained; and
  3. Is effective in continually reducing the risk associated with culverts.

6.3 - Documents and Data Management

Each railway authority should document their CSMP and keep records under this part. The CSMP documents and records should be made available to Transport Canada, in Canada, upon request, as soon as reasonably practicable.

The railway authority should retain, where possible, pertinent drawings for as long as they are responsible/own the culvert and inspection records as per Section 4.8 of this Guideline.

When maintenance responsibilities for track and culverts are assigned to another railway company, it should be assigned or given access to pertinent culvert documents and drawings.

6.4 - Electronic Record Keeping

A railway authority should make it known to Transport Canada, upon request, whether they are maintaining paper or electronic records, or a combination thereof.

A railway authority may create and maintain any of the records required by this part through electronic storage. To qualify as electronic storage the following conditions should be met:

  1. The system used to generate the electronic record meets all requirements of this part;
  2. The electronically generated record contains the information required by this part;
  3. The railway authority should train its employees who use the system on the proper use of the electronic record keeping system; and
  4. The railway authority maintains an information technology security program adequate to ensure the integrity of the system, including the prevention of unauthorized access to the program logic or individual records.