Keeping Canada’s surface transportation secure

Transport Canada works with the transportation industry to help make sure that Canada's surface transportation system is secure. We do this by overseeing passenger and freight rail, and international bridges and tunnels. We also provide outreach and education to enhance security in the surface sector.

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Railway security

Canada's rail network is a vast, open system that moves a high volume of passengers and goods every day. Within federal jurisdiction, the railway security program is guided by the:

The MOU requires railway companies to conduct risk assessments, develop security plans, create and provide security awareness training and report security incidents to Transport Canada.

Security of the transportation of dangerous goods by rail

Transport Canada aims to mitigate the security risks associated with transporting dangerous goods by rail through regulations which help support a safe and secure rail transportation system.

Learn more about enhancing the security of the transportation of dangerous goods by rail

Passenger rail security

Transport Canada is keeping passengers travelling by rail safe and secure by introducing new regulations to help mitigate risks related to transporting passengers by rail.

Learn more about enhancing passenger rail security

Urban transit

The responsibility for urban transit varies in Canada. Where appropriate, Transport Canada provides federal leadership to urban transit security operators nationwide. We do this through:

  • proactive outreach initiatives, including information sharing, and national and regional events, and
  • urban transit rail station security committees

Some urban transit rail operators have also signed the MOU between Transport Canada and the Railway Association of Canada.

International bridges and tunnels

We oversee the security of international bridges and tunnels through various MOUs on security with bridge owners and operators to help make sure these vital trade links between Canada and the United States are secure.

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