Rail Safety Bulletins are technical guidance documents issued by Transport Canada. They are written for federally-regulated railways who must follow rules and regulations while operating in Canada.

Their purpose is to describe and clarify the application of a specific regulatory requirement or to bring safety information to a company’s attention.

Below is a list of Rail Safety Bulletins that have been issued:

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Title Description Type Approved Published
Technical Bulletin to Railway Companies: Captive Service Operations The purpose of this bulletin is to describe the federal requirements pertaining to freight cars operating in captive service under the Railway Freight Car Inspection and Safety Rules (Freight Car Rules) and clarify the filing requirements for captive service operations under the Rules. Bulletin
Technical Bulletin to Railway Companies: Locomotives Equipped with Roll-Away Protection The purpose of this bulletin is to describe federal requirements pertaining to locomotives equipped with a safety control system with roll-away protection, under theRailway Locomotive Inspection and Safety Rules(Locomotive Rules). Bulletin
Potential brake valve failures on cars in long term storage This bulletin is being released following the issuance of a Transportation Safety Board Rail Safety Advisory Letter on July 19, 2018. The letter relates to an incident on January 10, 2018, where the crew of a Canadian National (CN) unit coal train lost control of its speed on the Luscar Industrial Spur near Cadomin, Alberta, while proceeding southward down the steep mountain grade. Bulletin
Rail Safety Bulletins 2013 Bridges and Culverts – Mitigating Risk During and After Severe Weather Bulletin
Rail Safety Bulletins Bulletin: 2012-001 Second Train Event Warning Sign Bulletin

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