Enforcement Action and Measures to Mitigate Threats to Rail Safety

Enforcement Action

Every person who contravenes a provision under Ss.41 (1) or 41(2) of the RSA may be prosecuted and be imposed a fine as prescribed by the Act.

Actions to Mitigate Threats to Rail Safety and Verify Compliance with the RSA

In addition to enforcement options for offences committed under the RSA, the Act also provides measures to mitigate immediate threats to safety and to verify compliance, such as:

Orders to Correct Safety Management System Deficiencies

The Railway Safety Act also allows the Minister of Transport, or delegated authority, to order a railway company to take corrective action when their safety management system is found to have deficiencies that risk compromising railway safety.

Transportation Appeals Tribunal of Canada (TATC) Reviews

Pursuant to S.31.1(1) or S.32.1(1) of the RSA, any railway company/person who is issued an Order has a 30-day period to request a review by the TATC.