Be careful when buying car seats online!

Motor Vehicle Safety
Information: 1-800-333-0371

TP 14563 – Consumer Information Notice
Child Restraint Systems
2022-C01 E
November 2, 2022



Transport Canada wants the public to know that the product pictured below is not a child car seat. Third-party vendors sell this product online, via different e-commerce platforms, under a number of different names, like:

  • Children Car Safety Seat for Kids
  • Portable Baby Car Safety Seat, or
  • Car Safety Seat for Children

This product should never be used in a vehicle to restrain an infant or child.

Transport Canada is issuing this important consumer information notice since this product isn’t regulated under the Motor Vehicle Safety Act.


Photo 1: Non-compliant child car seat



Transport Canada has found that this product doesn’t comply with the Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS), and as such doesn’t have a National Safety Mark (circular label with a maple leaf in the centre). Using this product in a vehicle would violate provincial highway laws.

Even more importantly - we don’t know how this product performs in a motor vehicle collision.

Photo 2: Canada’s National Safety Mark


What you should do:

Stop using this product if it’s installed in your vehicle. If you’ve purchased this product, don’t install or use it in a vehicle. We recommend contacting the vendor and/or the e-commerce platform to return the product and ask for a refund.

When shopping online for a car seat, please make sure that you’re buying a seat that’s certified to Canadian standards and carries the National Safety Mark.

Always remember to use the right seat for your child based on their stage of physical development, weight and height. Make sure that you use and install it correctly according to the manufacturer’s instructions and your vehicle’s owner’s manual.