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In order to submit a request, you must enrol your dealership in the iZEV Program: iZEV Dealership Enrolment.

After your enrolment is approved, you may submit a request for payment: iZEV Requests.

Use the latest versions of the iZEV forms when you submit requests for payment:

Question & Answer
Claims process: How do I get reimbursed for an incentive provided for an eligible vehicle?

Reimbursement is only given to dealerships.

To be reimbursed, your authorized representative must register/enrol your dealership online with Transport Canada. As part of the registration process, they will need to submit some information including the direct deposit information and GST number.

Before providing an incentive:

Determine whether a new zero-emission vehicle meets the eligibility criteria (vehicle description and eligibility date) as specified on the list of eligible vehicles.

If you're not sure whether a vehicle is eligible, email:

To provide the incentive:

  1. Apply the incentive directly to the price of the vehicle after taxes and fees have been applied. This is usually done by entering the amount as part of the consumer's down payment with a note on the bill of sale or lease agreement that the amount indicated is the federal iZEV Program incentive.
    • Do not apply a reduced incentive that doesn't include the applicable taxes (in other words, that equals the incentive amount after taxes are applied).
  2. Have the buyer fill out our Consumer Consent Form and Incentive Received Form. Both forms are mandatory. Make sure that both forms are the most up to date, complete, signed and easy to read. We will not accept modified versions of these forms.
  3. Make sure that the bill of sale or lease agreement is complete, signed by both parties and easy to read. It should also clearly identify the federal incentive amount applied under the iZEV Program.

An easy way to identify this is by adding a line item on the bill of sale or lease agreement with the relevant incentive amount (on the same line) stating: "Federal iZEV Program"

To get reimbursed:

  1. Your authorized representative will need to use the iZEV online portal to submit an application, along with the 2 forms, and the sale/lease agreement. Make sure that all documents are complete and include all signatures and information required. Incomplete applications won't be processed until we receive all information and documents we need.
  2. For privacy reasons, make sure that the supporting documents don't include:
    • any drivers' licence numbers
    • any copies of drivers' licences
    • any credit card information/bank information
      • If needed, you can redact (cross out to the point it is unreadable) this information if it's included on any documents you need to submit)
  3. If your application was submitted successfully, you'll receive an email confirmation, including a service request ID for the claim.
  4. Transport Canada will review the application and pay all complete, eligible claims. The status of each claim can be viewed on the iZEV online portal.
Claims process: What if Transport Canada can't confirm that a request for an incentive is eligible?

As part of our review, we will confirm that the vehicle is registered to the person indicated in the claim form and supporting documents through the relevant provincial/territorial vehicle registration database.

If we can't confirm that the vehicle is registered, you will need to send us proof of registration before we can process the claim.

Claims process: How long will it take to get reimbursed?

If your claim is complete, you should be paid within 20 business days of sending in your application.

The online system will notify you by email when a claim has been approved, and when a payment has been issued. The status of each claim can be viewed on the iZEV online portal.

Important: Please note that Transport Canada will not be held liable for incentives provided on ineligible vehicles and that Transport Canada reserves the right to refuse requests for reimbursement that do not meet the Program's terms and conditions.

Can I charge additional fees for processing the iZEV Program incentive?

No, dealerships cannot charge additional fees under the iZEV Program. If you charge fees, Transport Canada can remove your dealership from the Program.

All fees and costs, like freight and delivery charges, should be similar to the fees and costs for vehicles sold outside of the Program.

How do I know whether the iZEV Program has enough available funds so that I can provide my client with an iZEV incentive?

NEW! On March 31, 2022, the Government of Canada announced $1.7 billion, to extend and expand the iZEV Program until March 31, 2025. Please visit the iZEV Program Statistics page to find the latest data on remaining available funds within the iZEV Program. To ensure incentives can be honoured/authorized, we will establish a process to manage the remaining funds as we get near the end of the Program.

Can additional vehicles be added to the list of eligible vehicles?

Yes. Automakers can apply to Transport Canada to have specific makes and models added to the list of eligible vehicles. We will then review the application to make sure the vehicle is eligible for the iZEV Program before adding it to the list.

NEW! The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) has increased to $55,000 for base model passenger cars with higher trims of up to $65,000. The MSRP has increased to $60,000 for base models of station wagons, pickup trucks (light trucks), sport utility vehicles (SUVs), minivans, vans, and special purpose vehicles with higher trims up to $70,000.

How do I know the maximum eligible incentive amount for a specific vehicle?

By referring to Transport Canada’s list of eligible vehicles you will see the maximum eligible incentive amount per vehicle.

NEW! Longer-range plug-in hybrid electric vehicles with a battery-only range equal to or greater than 50 km are eligible for a financial incentive of $5,000. Shorter-range plug-in hybrid with a battery-only range under 50 km are eligible for a financial incentive of $2,500. This financial incentive amount is applied towards purchases and leases of 48 months or more and is pro-rated for leases less than 48 months. Leases less than 12 months are not eligible for an incentive.

What if prior to April 25, 2022, the client purchased or leased a vehicle eligible for a $2,500 incentive and that vehicle is now eligible for a $5,000 incentive based on the updated eligibility criteria?

NEW! Only purchases and leases with a delivery date on or after April 25, 2022, will be eligible for the new eligible financial incentive amount based on the updated eligibility criteria. Those purchased and delivered before the effective date of April 25, 2022, are subject to the previous program parameters and financial incentive amount. Please refer to the list of eligible vehicles for financial incentive amounts and eligibility dates.

What if a client received an incentive towards the purchase or lease of a vehicle that is deemed a total loss or where a manufacturer buyback is applicable within the same calendar year of the original purchase/lease date?

In instances of vehicle write-offs, manufacturer buybacks, and other cases where Transport Canada deems it reasonable, individuals may receive a second incentive in the same calendar year upon preapproval. Please contact Transport Canada in these situations for more information and guidance on how to proceed by emailing

iZEV Online Portal: What do the different statuses of my submitted claim(s) mean?

Successfully submitted claims will have one of the following statuses (please note that the status of your claim will change depending on where it is in the claim process):


The claim has been successfully submitted but has not been processed. You should receive an email confirmation, including a service request ID for the claim.

Picked up

A Program Officer has been tasked with your claim, it will be reviewed in the next few days.

Information required

We need more information in order to make sure that your request is valid.

If this happens, you'll receive an email explaining what information we need and how to send it to us. Please make sure to send us information using the method we explain in the email. Most documents can be re-uploaded through your original claim in the portal.

Eligibility validated

We have determined that the claim is eligible for reimbursement.

VIN verified

We have confirmed that the vehicle is registered to the person or business that received the incentive.

Approved for payment

The claim has been approved. You'll soon be paid, pending final accounting verifications.

Rebate sent

The dealership has been sent a payment, and you'll be notified by email. This email will include the payment amount, the service request ID and the Vehicle Identification Number. Some banks may take up to 5 business days to deposit the funds into your account.


The claim does not meet our Program requirements, so it has been rejected. For example, it's a duplicate claim with the same Vehicle Identification Number as another claim that already received the incentive.

iZEV Online Portal: I'm entering the consumer's address in the system, but it's not recognized or can't be found. I've checked that the address is correct, what should I do?

In some cases, the buyer's address may not be recognized by the system. In these cases, you can manually enter the address by checking off the box for “If ‘Address Complete' is not working, enter the address manually.”

iZEV Online Portal: I forgot my username or password for my iZEV Portal account, what do I do?

If you're having problems and would like step-by-step instructions on how to address this, please email