12 and 15 Passenger Large Vans

Driving a Large Passenger Van

As with any vehicle, respect the posted speed limit, slow down when the weather and/or road conditions are poor, and slow down before entering sharp curves. Don't tailgate; always give yourself enough room in front of you to react to sudden events such as animals or vehicles entering your lane. Take extra care when you drive on rural roads because of on-coming and passing traffic.

Large vans don't handle like cars
Since these vans are much larger and heavier than cars, be aware that they require more space when changing lanes, have a longer stopping distance and generally handle differently than cars.

Getting off the shoulder of the road
If your tires go onto the shoulder when you drive, slow down and gently steer back on the road when it is safe to do so. Never "jerk" the steering wheel to return to the road, especially at high speeds. If you cannot return to the road due to traffic, slow to a stop at a safe location on the shoulder and turn your 4-way hazard flasher lights on. When the traffic clears up, proceed back to the road.