12 and 15 Passenger Large Vans

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

There are many benefits to Electronic Stability Control (ESC). ESC systems can improve handling and help to prevent loss of control. ESC has been proven to reduce the number of single vehicle collisions and rollovers.

To learn more about ESC please visit: www.tc.gc.ca/ESC

Know if your van has ESC
ESC has been available on new large passenger vans since about 2005. For other model years, check your owner's manual, or contact your local dealership. If your van does not have ESC, it cannot be retrofitted. When you buy your next van, whether new or used, TC recommends that you select one equipped with ESC.

Rollover prevention technology
Some manufacturers have voluntarily begun to incorporate a rollover stability control feature into their vehicles to help reduce the risk of rollover. Your vehicle manufacturer can provide information if your vehicle is equipped with this technology.