Apply to the Air Cargo Security Program

The Air Cargo Security Program helps keep cargo secure at every stage of its journey.

If your business is involved in screening, storing or transporting secure air cargo, you can apply to the program.

How it works

Many different businesses participate in the program, working together to ensure that air cargo stays secure throughout the shipping process.

The program uses a secure supply chain approach, which helps to reduce bottlenecks at airports and keeps air cargo free from tampering while being handled at different stages of its journey.

Air cargo can be screened and made secure at any point in the shipping process. This can happen as early as the time it is packed, right up until the time it is tendered to an air carrier.

How to apply

Businesses that want to join the program go through an application process which involves several stages. Once approved, participants are required to meet the program’s high security standards for air cargo.

The program has several different participant categories, listed below. Each has its own unique online application form.

If you already know which category is the right fit for your business, you can go directly to the corresponding application form.

If you’re not sure, use this quick questionnaire to determine the appropriate participant category for your business and provide you with a link to the corresponding application form.

Participant categories

Air Carrier and All-Cargo: Carriers that operate passenger, all-cargo and/or both types of flights are subject to the requirements of the Air Cargo Security Program. If you do not meet this definition, contact us before continuing with the application.

Apply as an air carrier

Explosive Detection Dog and Handler Team (EDDHT): A dog and handler team certified by the Minister to conduct screening for the detection of explosive substances.

The EDDHT application process is now closed for 2023. Transport Canada will begin accepting new applications in winter 2024.

Known Consignor: originates air cargo that has been made secure through a screening process applied at the time of packing.

Apply as a known consignor

Certified Agent: stores, transports and/or accepts secure cargo that an authorized program participant has screened and made secure.

Apply as a certified agent

Regulated Agent: screens cargo on behalf of others to make it secure and can also store and/or transport the secure cargo.

Apply as a regulated agent

Account Consignor: originates cargo and has it screened by an authorized program participant to make it secure.

Apply as an account consignor

Authorized Cargo Administrator: directs the movement of secure cargo without coming into contact with it.

Apply as an authorized cargo administrator