Drone pilot study resources

If you are planning on taking an exam to get a drone pilot certificate, we recommend this learning path and the following resources.

  1. Find the category of operations to determine the type of drone pilot certificate you need
  2. Prepare for the online exam
    1. Enroll in a drone flight school, and/or;
    2. Study using these resources
  3. Keep your skills up to date.

Enroll to study at a drone flight school.

Drone flight schools offer courses to help you prepare for online exams and flight reviews. We recommend taking a course before attempting an online exam.

Find a drone flight school

Study from these publications

Additional resources for advanced operations

NAV CANADA publications, including the following, may be purchased from retailers, or at the following web site:

  • VFR Navigation Charts (VNC)/ VFR Terminal Area Charts (VTA)
  • Canada Flight Supplement

The NAV CANADA VFR Phraseology guide is available for download at
https://www.navcanada.ca/en/vfr-phraseology.pdf (PDF Format)

Textbooks and other publications produced by commercial publishers can be obtained through local flying training organization, bookstores, and similar sources.