Air Operator Certification Manual – TP 4711


This manual series provides a national standard, consistent with regulatory requirements, for issuing, amending, suspending or cancelling an Air Operator Certificate, including all its associated permissions.

Who this guide is for

  • Domestic air operators falling within the scope of Subparts 702-705 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs)
  • Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) Employees
  • Manufacturers
  • Training providers
  • Flight crews
  • Individuals or organizations exercising privileges granted to them under an External Ministerial Delegation of Authority

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Air Operator Certification Manual

In this guide

Volume 1 – General Matters

  1. Provides an overview of the air operator certification process, including both initial application procedures and ongoing certificate change requirements.
  2. Describes applicable Acts and Regulations and associated guidance documentation.
  3. Provides guidance on determining whether changes to an air operator’s name, entity or ownership would result in an amendment to an existing certificate or the requirement to issue a new certificate.
  4. Contains guidance on the Manual review process.

Volume 2 - Commercial Air Operations

  1. Details specific certification procedures for the issuance and amendment of an operating certificate for Aerial Work (Subpart 702), Air Taxi (703), Commuter (704) or Airline (705) operations based out of Canada.
  2. Provides guidance on all subjects related to domestic commercial air operations.
  3. Contains references to all relevant tools and forms used in the Part VII certification process.

Volume 3 – Operations Specifications

  1. Contains information on Operations Specifications, including a list of Special Authorizations/Specific Approvals available to operators.
  2. Describes the process and requirements for issuance of Operations Specifications.
  3. Contains references to all relevant tools and forms used in the Special Authorizations/Specific Approval certification process.

Details and history





January 24, 2023



January 26, 2023


The TP 4711 manual series is expected to evolve, based on user feedback and the need to add content over time. The expected revision cycle for the TP 4711 manual series will be each successive 180 day period.

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