The Civil Aviation Service Charter reaffirms Transport Canada Civil Aviation’s (TCCA) commitment to setting high standards of service and inviting stakeholder feedback for the continuous improvement of Civil Aviation service delivery. As part of that commitment, TCCA has developed this comprehensive reference tool for its activities with service standards.

The first section of this document reflects the activities with corresponding service standards related to Part 1, Subpart 4 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) (where charges are applicable). The second section includes service standards for operational activities without charges.

This document focuses on:

  • the services available, with associated charges when applicable;
  • the description of the services and their characteristics;
  • the service standard with its performance objectives (key measurements);

This document also indicates the service standards for timeliness (normal Days and maximum Days) for each activity. These refer to working Days, and not calendar Days. It should be noted that the day count does not include the time before the receipt of documents, fees, forms and/or applications that TCCA requires to provide the service. This is further discussed in Appendix A, section 2.3.

The development of the service standards responds to the needs of those being served. Comments, suggestions and concerns may be shared through the Civil Aviation Issues Reporting System (CAIRS).

For additional information on service standards activities, you may also refer to the Civil Aviation Service Standards Web site.


Original signed by

Martin J. Eley
Director General
Civil Aviation