Apply as a manufacturer to operate unregistered aircraft

If you manufacture aircraft in Canada, you can apply to operate unregistered aircraft for reasons related to manufacturing and exporting.

To do this, first apply for a blanket authorization, and then apply for aircraft marks. You can request multiple production marks at the same time.


You’re eligible to operate an unregistered aircraft in Canada if you:

  • manufactured the aircraft in Canada, and
  • are qualified to be the registered owner of a Canadian aircraft

Manufacturers can apply to operate unregistered aircraft for these reasons:

  • production test flights
  • customer acceptance flights
  • flights that help complete the manufacturing process
  • flights to export aircraft

How to apply

You must apply for a blanket authorization and then apply for aircraft marks.

Apply for blanket authorization

  1. Submit a written request to the Transport Canada aircraft registry to operate aircraft that are not registered
  2. The regional manager will issue a blanket authorization to operate your unregistered aircraft for eligible purposes

Note: manufacturers of ultra-light aeroplanes do not need this authorization. But you do need production marks for each ultra-light (see below).

Apply for aircraft marks

Before operating a specific unregistered aircraft, apply for your aircraft marks and display them on the aircraft.

  1. Reserve nationality and registration marks and display these according to the Canadian Aviation Regulations
  2. Pay all relevant fees ($45 to reserve a registration mark and $45 to apply for a permit for a specific purpose) using our Online Payment System
  3. Before operating the aircraft, update the Manufacturer’s Production Marks (MPM) system to confirm appropriate aircraft marks have been affixed

To get access to the MPM system, contact