National Aviation Day - February 23

Celebrate Canada's air transportation safety, strength and success!

On February 23rd, Canadians celebrate Canada's air transportation safety, strength and success. On National Aviation Day, we commemorate the past, celebrate the present and advance the future of aviation in Canada.

Over 100 Years of Canadian aviation

We weren't the first country to take to the skies, but our contribution to aviation has been significant. On February 23rd, Canadians honour the pioneers who opened the skies as a way to connect people and move goods safely and quickly within our large nation and around the world. We also celebrate the many people throughout Canada's aviation history who share the credit for Canada's aviation safety, strength and success.

Learn about highlights from Canada’s aviation heritage.

Celebrating Canada's air transportation safety, strength and success

Canada has one of the safest air transportation systems in the world. During the last decade, the accident rate has continually declined. In 2000, this rate was nearly eight accidents per 100,000 hours flown; today, this rate is fewer than four accidents a year per 100,000 hours flown. That's a 29% drop. In fact, in 2018, Canada saw the total number of accidents decline to the lowest recorded rate over the previous 10-year period. National Aviation Day is a celebration of excellence in aviation; an occasion to recognize Canada's world-class reputation for aviation safety.

We celebrate the air operators, aerospace engineers, aircraft maintenance engineers, pilots, flight attendants, airport personnel, air traffic controllers, air operations specialists, Transport Canada employees, and all those in the aviation community who share the credit for Canada's aviation safety, strength and success.

Transport Canada Aviation Safety Award

The Aviation Safety Award is given to a Canadian person, group, company, agencies or departments that have made a significant and outstanding contribution to aviation safety in Canada. 

Learn about how you can submit a nomination.

Advancing the future of aviation in Canada

Aviation in Canada is a big part of the Canadian lifestyle. Aviation connects Canadians in large and small communities with one another; it contributes to the health of the economy; and, it creates jobs. For example, annual sales of Canadian aerospace products and services total more than $25 billion, with exports of aerospace goods and services approaching $17 billion.

Due to the significant economic and social contributions of aviation in Canada, we must promote the growth, the safety and the accessibility of this sector.

National Aviation Day offers Canadians an opportunity to advance this vibrant industry by encouraging youth to pursue careers in Canadian aviation.

Learn about some of the career opportunities in aviation.

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