Raison d'être, mandate and role: who we are and what we do

At Transport Canada, we are responsible for developing and overseeing the Government of Canada's transportation policies and programs so that Canadians can have access to a transportation system that is:

  • Safe and secure;
  • Green and innovative; and
  • Efficient.

We work towards these objectives by:

  • Proposing and updating policies, laws and regulations;
  • Conducting inspections, enforcement activities and surveillance of the transportation industry's equipment, operations and facilities; and
  • Providing funding to organizations for projects that strengthen the transportation network, including:
    • safety improvement projects;
    • technological innovations; and,
    • green transportation initiatives.

While we are not directly responsible for all aspects or modes of transportation, we play a key leadership role in ensuring that all parts of the transportation system across Canada work together effectively. We do so by collaborating with various groups including Indigenous people, industry, provincial and territorial governments and international partners.

For more general information about the department, see the "Supplementary Information" section of this report. For more information on the department's organizational mandate letter commitments, see the Minister's mandate letter on the Prime Minister of Canada's website Footnote .

Strategic Outcomes and Program Alignment Architecture (PAA)Footnote *

As illustrated in Figure 1 on the next page, Transport Canada's Program Alignment Architecture includes 15 Programs that contribute to achieving the following three Departmental Strategic Outcomes:

  1. An efficient transportation system;
  2. A clean transportation system; and
  3. A safe and secure transportation system.

The 16th Program, Internal Services, supports all three strategic outcomes.

Strategic Outcome SO1: An Efficient Transportation System

Strategic Outcome SO2: A Clean Transportation System

Strategic Outcome SO3: A Safe and Secure Transportation System

Program 1.1 Transportation Marketplace Frameworks

Program 1.3 Transportation Infrastructure

Program 2.1 Clean Air from Transportation

Program 3.1 Aviation Safety

Program 3.5 Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Sub-Program 1.1.1 Air Marketplace Framework

Sub-Program 1.3.2 Marine Infrastructure

Sub-Program 2.1.1 Clean Air Regulatory Framework and Oversight

Sub-Program 3.1.1 Aviation Safety Regulatory Framework

Sub-Program 3.5.1 Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulatory Framework

Sub-Program 1.1.2 Marine Marketplace Framework

Sub-Sub-Program Canada Port Authority Stewardship

Sub-Program 2.1.2 Clean Air Initiatives

Sub-Program 3.1.2 Aviation Safety Oversight

Sub-Program 3.5.2 Transportation of Dangerous Goods Oversight

Sub-Program 1.1.3 Surface Marketplace Framework

Sub-Sub-Program Seaway Stewardship and Support

Program 2.2 Clean Water from Transportation

Sub-Sub-Program Service to the Aviation Industry

Sub-Program 3.5.3 Emergency Response for Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Sub-Program 1.1.4 International Frameworks and Trade

Sub-Sub-Program Ferry Services Stewardship and Support

Sub-Program 2.2.1 Clean Water Regulatory Framework

Sub-Sub-Program Surveillance of the Aviation System

Program 3.6 Aviation Security

Sub-Program 1.1.5 Transportation Analysis and Innovation

Sub-Sub-Program Port Operations

Sub-Program 2.2.2 Clean Water Regulatory Oversight

Sub-Program 3.1.3 Aircraft Services

Sub-Program 3.6.1 Aviation Security Regulatory Framework

Program 1.2 Gateways and Corridors

Sub-Program 1.3.3 Surface and Multimodal Infrastructure

Program 2.3 Environmental Stewardship of Transportation

Program 3.2 Marine Safety

Sub-Program 3.6.2 Aviation Security Oversight

Sub-Program 1.2.1 Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative

Sub-Sub-Program Rail Passenger Stewardship and Support



Sub-Program 3.2.1 Marine Safety Regulatory Framework

Sub-Program 3.6.3 Aviation Security Technological Infrastructure

Sub-Program 3.2.2 Marine Safety Oversight

Sub-Program 1.2.2 Gateways and Border Crossings Fund

Sub-Sub-Program Bridge Stewardship


Sub-Program 3.2.3 Navigation Protection Program

Program 3.7 Marine Security


Program 3.3 Rail Safety

Sub-Program 3.7.1 Marine Security Regulatory Framework

Program 1.3 Transportation Infrastructure

Highway and Other Transportation
Infrastructure Support


Sub-Program 3.3.1 Rail Safety Regulatory Framework

Sub-Program 3.7.2 Marine Security Oversight

Sub-Program 3.3.2 Rail Safety Oversight

Sub-Program 3.7.3 Marine Security Operations Centres

1.3.1 Airport Infrastructure



Sub-Program 3.3.3 Rail Safety Awareness and Grade Crossing Improvement

Program 3.8 Surface and Intermodal Security

Sub-Sub-Program Airport Authority Stewardship



Program 3.4 Motor Vehicle Safety

Program 3.9 Multimodal Safety and Security

Sub-Sub-Program Airport



Sub-Program 3.4.1 Motor Vehicle Safety Regulatory Framework

Sub-Program 3.9.1 Multimodal Strategies and Integrated Services


Sub-Sub-Program Small Aerodrome Support



Sub-Program 3.4.2 Motor Vehicle Safety Oversight

Sub-Program 3.9.2 Emergency Preparedness and Situation Centres




Sub-Program 3.4.3 Motor Carrier Safety

Sub-Program 3.9.3 Integrated Technical Training

Program 4.1 Internal Services (Supports all SOs)

Sub-Program 4.1.1 Governance and Management Support

Sub-Program 4.1.2 Resource Management Services

Sub-Program 4.1.3 Asset Management Services



Strategic Outcome (SO)


Sub-Program or Sub-Sub-Program