Packaging Code

The packaging code consists of a designation for the container type and its material of construction, and where applicable, its category. Please consult FAQ on UN small containers. For more information on the UN marking please refer to chapter 5 of TP 14850.

Type Material Category Packing Code
1. Drums A. Steel non-removable head 1A1
removable head 1A2
B. Aluminium non-removable head 1B1
removable head 1B2
D. Plywood   1D
G. Fibre   1G
H. Plastic non-removable head 1H1
removable head 1H2
N. Metal, other than steel or aluminium non-removable head 1N1
removable head 1N2
2. (reserved)      
3. Jerricans A. Steel non-removable head 3A1
removable head 3A2
B. Aluminium non-removable head 3B1
removable head 3B2
H. Plastic non-removable head 3H1
removable head 3H2
4. Boxes
A. Steel   4A
B. Aluminium   4B
C. Natural wood ordinary 4C1
with sift-proof walls 4C2
D. Plywood   4D
F. Reconstituted wood   4F
G. Fibreboard   4G
H. Plastic expanded 4H1
solid 4H2
5. Bags H. Woven plastic without inner liner or coating 5H1
sift-proof 5H2
water resistant 5H3
H. Plastics film   5H4
L. Textile without inner liner or coating 5L1
sift-proof 5L2
water resistant 5L3
M. Paper multiwall 5M1
multiwall, water resistant 5M2
6. Composite Packaging H. Plastic inner receptacle in steel drum 6HA1
in steel crate or box 6HA2
in aluminium drum 6HB1
in aluminium crate or box 6HB2
in wooden box 6HC
in plywood drum 6HD1
in plywood box 6HD2
in fibre drum 6HG1
in fibreboard box 6HG2
in plastic drum 6HH1
in solid plastics box 6HH2
P. Glass, porcelain or stoneware inner receptacle in steel drum 6PA1
in steel crate or box 6PA2
in aluminium drum 6PB1
in aluminium crate or box 6PB2
in wooden box 6PC
in plywood drum 6PD1
in wickerwork hamper 6PD2
in fibre drum 6PG1
in fibreboard box 6PG2
in expanded plastics outer packaging 6PH1
in solid plastic outer packaging 6PH2