Get a marine insurance certificate

After you apply

After submitting your application you’ll get:

  • an email with the application number confirming that your application has been received
  • a second email, if you pay by credit card, confirming that your transaction has been processed and your fees have been received

Once we have completed the verification process, you will receive your marine insurance certificate by email.

What’s new?

Marine insurance certificates are now issued in a digital format. The digital certificate has security features that protect its integrity. You can save it to a computer, mobile device or print it on regular paper (e.g., 8.5 x 11). We are no longer mailing paper copies. Existing paper certificates are valid until the expiry date listed on the certificate. Existing paper certificates will not be reissued in digital form.

Your digital certificate(s) will include a Quick Response (QR) code that can be scanned to verify the status of your certificate(s). Vessel agents, clients, Transport Canada inspectors and the general public will be able to use the Electronic Validation Électronique (EVE) search tool. They can search by the vessel’s:

  • official number
  • name
  • IMO number
  • certificate number
  • owner name

Digital certificate key features

Icons Feature/use
An illustration of an envelope moving swiftly to the right
Digital certificates are sent to your email.
An illustration of a group of tablet and mobile devices
They can be saved to any device.
An illustration of a desktop printer outputting a print
They are easy to print.
An illustration of a police badge with a yellow background and a checkmark in the centre
They are encrypted and secure.
A black and white pixel grid with the word Sample at the centre
They include a QR code to validate the status of the certificate.

You may also use the Signature panel of your PDF viewer to confirm the authenticity of the digital certificate.

Important notice

You must always have a copy (digital or printed) of your marine insurance certificate(s) on board your vessel.

Any ship found not complying with the Marine Liability Act and Wrecked, Abandoned or Hazardous Vessels Act and isn’t carrying a certificate can’t enter or leave a port or an offshore terminal in Canadian waters or in Canada’s exclusive economic zone.

Not carrying a valid certificate is an offence under section 131 of the Marine Liability Act and section 110 of the Wreck, Abandoned or Hazardous Vessel Act and can result in vessel detention or a fine.

Should any of the information on your vessel registration change during the validity period of your marine insurance certificate, you must contact the Marine Insurance Unit at