Appendix 3

First Aid Kits

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Every small commercial vessel must have on board:

  • a waterproof container holding all the items listed in this appendix; or
  • a first aid kit that meets the requirements set out in the Marine Occupational Safety and Health Regulations or provincial regulations governing workers' compensation, with the addition of a resuscitation face shield and two pairs of examination gloves (if not included in the kit); or
  • for a period of three years from the coming into force of the amended Small Vessel Regulations on April 29, 2010, a first aid kit that met the requirements of the Small Vessel Regulations as they read immediately before that day on which the amended regulations came into force.

Required Contents

  • an up-to-date first aid manual or up-to-date first aid instructions, in English and French
  • 48 doses of analgesic medication of a non-narcotic type
  • six safety pins or one roll of adhesive first-aid tape
  • one pair of bandage scissors or safety scissors
  • one resuscitation face shield
  • two pairs of examination gloves
  • 10 applications of antiseptic preparations
  • 12 applications of burn preparations
  • 20 adhesive plasters in assorted sizes
  • 10 sterile compression bandages in assorted sizes
  • 4 metres of elastic bandage
  • two sterile gauze compresses
  • two triangular bandages
  • a waterproof list of the contents, in English and French

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