Chapter 7

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Pre-Departure Briefings

Holding safety briefings before the voyage begins – similar to those given on an aircraft – is a legal requirement. Show and tell your passengers how to react in an emergency. Give the briefing in English, French or both, as needed.

You must tell passengers:

  • where to find lifejackets closest to their position on the boat, including children's lifejackets;
  • how to properly put on, secure, and, if you have inflatable and hybrid lifejackets, how to operate, each type of lifejacket on board;
  • not to put lifejackets on until they are outside the cabins and out from under canopies;
  • where the liferafts are, if you have any, and where they are to gather to get on board the liferaft (muster stations); and
  • how to reduce the effect of their movement on vessel stability and how to avoid potential hazards, such as ropes and docking lines.

Whether you talk, distribute handouts with pictograms, use a recording or show a video to give the briefing, you must show your passengers how to put on each type of lifejacket on board.

Keep your passengers safe by keeping them informed.

More Information

To consult your local Transport Canada Centre, see Appendix 2.

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