Chapter 17 - Help steer the future

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Regulatory Reform

The Canada Shipping Act, 2001 came into force in July 2007. It takes into account safety, global standards, changes in marine operational practices and new technologies.

Transport Canada is still working to update regulations to help the economic performance of the marine industry, maintain safety and protect the marine environment.


Changes to Canada Shipping Act, 2001 regulations will affect commercial shipping, so make your opinion and interests heard. Good laws require active public input.

Canadian Marine Advisory Council (CMAC)

The Canadian Marine Advisory Council (CMAC) is Transport Canada's forum for consulting with the marine community on safety, navigation and marine pollution. Members include commercial shippers, owners, operators, fishers, recreational boaters, unions and government.Anyone interested in marine safety is welcome to attend regional or national meetings.

Contact Information

Find out more about CMAC and current proposals for changing regulations at

Submit Safety Concerns and Comments

Transport Canada Marine Safety staff can help owners and operators by providing tools, such as this guide, and locating marine professionals for advice when needed, so that their vessel will comply with Transport Canada commercial shipping regulations. Direct any safety-related concerns and comments to the Transport Canada Centre nearest you (see Appendix 2) or use one of the means below.

Contact Information

You can contact us through our website:

or email us directly:

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