National Training Course

Transport Canada, Marine Safety conducts two (2) Port State Control courses annually.

Participants range from new-entry inspectors and experienced inspectors, including participants from the U.S. Coast Guard and, on occasion, candidates from various MOU member countries. All participants require at least one year of experience as steamship inspectors.

The course consists of six days in a classroom setting, with one additional day allocated to a practical ship visit. The following topics are addressed:


  • need for control,
  • safety requirements of the international conventions,
  • required documentation,
  • inspection procedures, and
  • response to deficiencies.

The aim of this course is to provide marine inspectors with the knowledge and skills required to effectively carry out the duties and responsibilities of a Port State Control Officer; successful completion is required for authorization to conduct inspections of foreign vessels in accordance with the Paris and Tokyo Memoranda of Understanding.