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Flag State Control is responsible for ensuring that Canadian-flag vessels are inspected in accordance with both Canadian regulations and, for vessels on international voyages, the appropriate international memoranda, conventions and protocols Canada has ratified, adopted or acceded to. Furthermore, it is responsible for taking all other steps necessary to give these instruments full and complete effect to ensure that, from a point of view of safety of life and environmental protection, a Canadian ship is fit for the service intended.

Fishing vessel

Inspections are made either by Transport Canada's Marine Safety Inspectors or by appropriately qualified organizations, in accordance with signed agreements between the recognized organizations ( ROs ) and Transport Canada. Marine Safety still has a Duty of Care to monitor the condition of vessels and inspections carried out by the ROs , to ensure compliance.

Vessels on international voyages outside the Great Lakes area are required to comply with both the appropriate international conventions and the Canada Shipping Act, 2001 and its regulations. Other vessels are inspected in accordance with Canadian regulations as well as various agreements between Canada and the United States of America for vessels trading between the two countries.

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