Fees for Vessel Inspections and Services

Transport Canada Marine Safety is responsible for ensuring that Canadian vessels are inspected in accordance with Canadian regulations and international conventions.

What are the fees and how are they applied?

Transport Canada Marine Safety’s fees for vessel inspection and services are based on the regulations in the Guidance Document on the Application of the Board of Steamship Inspection Scale of Fees. Guidance on how the fees are applied can be found in the Guidance Document on the Application of the Board of Steamship Inspection Scale of Fees.

Marine Safety's national process will calculate fees and ensure their consistent application across Canada. A Ship Safety Bulletin was issued to provide more information on the launch of this national process and its many advantages. 

How do I request inspection services?

Transport Canada has many Marine Safety offices across Canada to serve you. To request a service contact your local Transport Canada Marine Safety office. They will be able to book an appointment and provide you with details on:

  • Services available;
  • Notification requirements if travel is involved;
  • Notification requirements for cancellations.

How can I minimize my fees?

Prepare for your inspection by making sure your vessel is compliant with the Canada Shipping Act, 2001, the regulatory requirements for your vessel and its particular operation. By ensuring your vessel is prepared for inspection you can avoid the costs of additional follow-up visits. Your local office can help you prepare and assist you in matters of compliance.

Have my inspection fees been increased?

No, your inspection fees have not been increased. 

In spring 2012, Marine Safety will begin using a national process for applying fees. This will ensure all fees are applied consistently in accordance with the Board of Steamship Inspection Scale of Fees.

What is a standby fee?

The $500 standby fee is payable when a Marine Safety inspector is made available or placed on call at your request, either continuously or during specified periods, to perform a service of any kind with respect to your ship.  This includes cargo inspections and other Port Warden duties. The standby fee is payable for each calendar day or partial day that the inspector is on call or made available.

The standby fee does not apply in cases where a request is made, but Marine Safety declines to make an inspector available.

Where can I find more information?

For more information on fees for vessel inspection and services please contact: