Ukrainian seafarers can now seek Canadian recognition of their STCW certificates - Updated December 2022 - SSB No.: 29/2022

RDIMS No .: 19087588
Date (Y-M-D) : 2022-12-08

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This bulletin has been replaced by Ship Safety Bulletin No. 11/2023

This bulletin replaces Ship Safety Bulletin No. 08/2022


The bulletin is to let you know that:

  • Canada has signed a reciprocal arrangement with Ukraine.
  • Ukrainian seafarersFootnote 1 holding a valid STCW certificateFootnote 2 and who intend to work onboard a Canadian-flagged vessel can now apply online for a Canadian endorsement.


This bulletin applies to:

  • Authorized representatives (AR) of Canadian-flagged vessels, and
  • Ukrainian Seafarers that want a Canadian endorsement.

What you need to know

Ukrainian Seafarers Seeking a Canadian Endorsement

Seafarers with a valid STCW certificate issued by Ukraine and who intends to work onboard a Canadian flagged vessel as a Master or an officer can apply for a Canadian endorsement. This is similar to reciprocal arrangements Canada has already signed with Australia, France and Norway except:

  • The Canadian endorsement will be valid for a period that does not exceed the expiry date on the face of the Ukrainian certificate it endorses; however, the IMO Circular letter No.4232/Add.18 (PDF, 2.88 MB) will be taken into consideration, when determining the expiry date of a Canadian endorsement, for a Ukrainian seafarer who is in possession of an expired certificate of competency.
  • The requirement for renewal 6 months before the expiry date, as stated at section 1.6 of the guidance notes on the Transport Canada form Application for a Canadian Endorsement form do not apply.
  • Ukrainian seafarers are advised to consult the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada website titled, Ukraine immigration measures: Open Work permits for Ukrainians.

Ukrainian Seafarers Holding a Canadian Endorsement

A Ukrainian seafarer who currently holds a Canadian endorsement, which on the face of the document expires on December 31, 2022, will receive a new Canadian endorsement with an expiry date of June 30, 2023.

A Ukrainian seafarer who currently holds a Canadian endorsement, which on the face of the document expires between January 1, 2023 and June 30, 2023 and wants to extend its validity based on the IMO Circular letter No.4232/Add.18, must submit to Transport Canada:

A Ukrainian seafarer who made arrangement to renew his certificates may also follow the instructions contained withing the Application for a Canadian Endorsement (Form #82-0786) in order to proceed with the renewal of the related Canadian endorsement.

Canadian Seafarers Seeking a Ukrainian Endorsement

A Canadian seafarer can seek a Ukrainian recognition of Canadian STCW certificates. Please contact the State Service for Maritime and River Transport of Ukraine.

Documents you need to apply

To apply for a Canadian endorsement, please download and follow the instructions contained within the following Transport Canada forms:

Also, a Ukrainian seafarer must demonstrate the relevant accumulated in-service experience related to the STCW certificate for which Canadian endorsement is sought. In the case that the:

  • certificate has not expired, provide the following:
    • Copy of seafarer's discharge book and seafarer's testimonials of sea service, or
    • A letter from authorized representative, on company letter head, attesting that the seafarer worked while holding that certificate for the company and the length of time.
  • certificate has expired, provide a copy of the seafarer's discharge book and seafarer's testimonials of sea service in order to demonstrate that the requirements of IMO Circular letter No.4232/Add.18 (PDF, 2.88 MB) are met.

You are also invited to visit the following website which provides relevant information regarding Recognition of a Foreign Certificate Through a Reciprocal Arrangement.

How to apply

Send your completed application and supporting documents, using one of the following methods:


1. Reciprocal agreement
3. Canadian endorsement
4. Ukraine

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